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I’m not a massive consumer of alcohol in general but most do like a drink every now and then. If I have a drink around Christmas time, then it will probably be a random or most likely the cheapest lager that’s available. I do also like the odd spirit too, mostly vodka but also partial to a nice Bourbon. (Both alcoholic and biscuity).

Recently I was contacted and asked if I would review some beer and although I try to keep my reviews family friendly, I also try to look at things mum’s and dads might like too! Of course there is also the added element of SOMEONE WANTS TO GIVE YOU BEER!

Needless to I said yes and lo and behold a week later a box if Hofmeister arrived at my door. It then sat in my kitchen taking up room until The Mrs demanded I drank it so it was out-of-the-way.

We’ve been married for a long time ladies and gentlemen and one reason it’s lasted as long as it has is because I do as I’m told!

So one night while the kids were in bed and the wife was….also in bed, I opened the beautiful box of beer. I’m pretty sure I heard a choiroff angels singing in the distance. The beer was warm, but by’eck it was tasty! Even the Elf had some!

Editors Note: By’eck is Yorkshire for ‘by hell’

So anyway, down to the beer. When I first discovered drinking beer I drank Bitter. I seemed to be the only 18-year-old I knew who drank bitter. As I have got older I have transitioned to more of a lager drinker. One of the major downfalls of this is not only is it harder to find a decent tasting lager, most of them make you feel like Charlie when he swallows that bubble juice that costs him the chocolate factory.
I hope you have some idea of what I am talking about there!
Lagers are far too gassy and that affects the quality of the drink and the amount of it you can consume, which is probably a good thing. Hofmeister is brewed in a way where there is very little carbonation (The process that puts the bubbles in the drink). This means that it isn’t gassy and honestly I was surprised how smooth it was.

In the past couple of years, there has seen a rise in high-quality Pale Ales available to buy in both normal shops, supermarkets and even on tap at your nearest drinking establishment. If Pale Ale is your thing, I would recommend Hofmeister to you. It’s light blonde on colour and made with barley, hops and water. Water I might add from the spring located in the brewery in Germany where every drop is made.

Not only is the taste and texture of Hofmeister Helles Bavarian Lager pretty darn good, reviewing this beer has also been pretty educational!
When I was younger, my dad drank Pils as in ‘Pilsner’. I knew that ‘pils’ was a way of describing the type of beer. Helles is the same. Helles (Much like the Czech ‘Pils’) is the German way of saying the lager is ‘Pale or ‘Light’.
Like all good things, such as myself, Hofmeister has been around since the 1980s and even back then it was advertised by using ‘George’ the bear shiny, yellow jacket and a pork pie hat.
Hofmeister is brewed in Bavaria according to the Reinheitsgebot, which is also known as the “purity law”. This is a traditional brewing method which dates back to 1516.

Hofmeister is probably a lager I wouldn’t have tried if I hadn’t been asked to do this review, but it’s definitely a lager I will look out for when I go shopping for any drinks over Christmas. I would also happily buy a pint of Hofmeister if I saw it being served in whatever watering hole I stumbled into.
If you’ve never tried it, I suggest you do. You wouldn’t regret it.

*Editor Note: I was indeed sent some beer in exchange for this review, however, all my opinions are honest and unbiased. If it tasted like witches piss, I would tell you it tasted like witches piss.

As always, thanks for reading and keep coming back for more reviews.

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  1. Enjoyed the review. However, I do find their lager rather bland. There are some excellent craft lagers out there – and are far superior in taste and quality, in my humble opinion.
    Will look out for your future scribblings.

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