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Is the ROXI from Electric Jukebox the future of family entertainment?
Before we had kids, the wife and I were pretty social. Actually, we’re still pretty social, to be honest, but one thing we don’t do which we did before, had parties.

My birthday falls at the end of October and for those who live under a rock, so does Halloween. Before kids, Halloween was our biggest celebration of the year. Without kids and a small family, Christmas was always a sober affair with the same schedule but Halloween was our favourite excuse to have a party.

Inevitably, I would end up DJ’ing mine or anyone else party we went to. It always annoyed me that people kept messing with the music and I took it upon myself to take control.

Nowadays if we do have a party, it is more likely to involve jelly and a sugar rush as opposed to vodka shots and a hangover.
Anyway, back to the music.
Back in the day, it was whatever I could find in my CD collection, now with Spotify and Itunes, the world has gone digital. Well, I don’t have any of those. Instead, I have ‘ROXI’ from Electric Jukebox.

ROXI is a digital music playground with millions of tracks available for you to listen to on demand and all through your TV.

We were sent our very on ROXI to have a play with and we were extremely impressed. Easy to set-up (Basically plug and play), the device looks great and fits perfectly in with the other entertainment devices such as TVs and any set-top box which I liked because it meant I could leave it plugged in without it looking strange. Please excuse the dust in the picture below. 🙂
Trust me when I say we put this through its paces. We searched for some obscure songs and 99.9% of the searches came back with exactly what we were looking for. Have you ever heard of the ‘Gummy Bear song’? Me neither until recently….ROXI knew about it.

Not only is ROXI a great way to access all types of music which you can create playlists with, add to your favourites, you can even ‘Sing with the stars’ by using ROXIs karaoke mode where you can sing-along with 1000s of tracks.
That isn’t even my favourite bit.
ROXI comes with everyone’s favourite music quiz, ‘Name That Tune’ featuring millions of songs from every decade. It really is great fun and for those with a competitive streak, you can record scores and set-up a leaderboard.

So that is just some of the great features of ROXI. As always her at DWB, I try to give you an honest and unbiased view on all products we review. Here are the things we didn’t find so great about ROXI.

Maybe we didn’t give it enough time before writing this review, but on the occasions, we used ROXI with the kids, they got bored very quickly. When the music is playing a default screen is shown on your TV, Maybe if the music video could be playing, it would keep, my kids at least, a bit more engaged. Bare in mind though, that my children are 6 and 4. I think older kids would love this!

The controller could be better. ROXI utilises the same technology as the Nintendo Wii where the long shaped controller is pointed at the device and the cursor appears on the screen. Sometimes this got a bit temperamental.

Hopefully, this is something Electric Jukebox will look at in the future, but having an app that works with the ROXI would be AMAZING. Not only would it eliminate any annoyance with the controller, but it would make searching easier which again might stop the kids getting bored while dad tries to find the next song.
I will say though, that there is an option to use voice search which helps a lot with searching but an app would be a great idea.

Needless to say, we LOVE the ROXI and I am sure the kids will love it too once we have set-up some playlists for them or they can read the letters and sing along. Again, my kids are 6 and 4 and this was only our experience, so if your kids love music, give ROXI a chance.
Once again, I was truly amazed at the vast amount and variety of the music that is available and if you enjoy having music played in your household and I really would recommend the ROXI. The music is based on a subscription and you get the first year FREE!

I am confident I haven’t told you everything the ROXI from Electric Jukebox can do, so head over to the Electric Jukebox site and check out everything the ROXI has to offer.
Also, there is currently a competition over on the ROXI website so you could be lucky enough to win your very own ROXI. Enter HERE. Is the ROXI from Electric Jukebox the future of family entertainment? Win one and find out for yourself.

*We were kindly sent this item in exchange for a review but all opinions are our own.

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