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Diggerland is one of those places that’s only 20 minutes down the road, but we have never been there. We didn’t know a great deal about Diggerland other than you can drive diggers. To some, that would be enough, but to me, it was kind of ‘meh *Shrugs shoulders*. Not something I was that bothered about so we never really made the effort to go.

Diggerland is a ‘Theme Park’ where you can actually drive real diggers. As soon as the boys heard that, the decision to go was no longer in my own hands, so recently we made the short trip the Castleford location of Diggerland.
As well as Castleford, they also have locations in Kent, Devon, Durham and soon in Worcestershire. Although each Park has its own variations, most of the rides and attractions are the same nationwide.

We arrived on-site and showed our booking details. (Booking in advance can save you a few pounds so worth doing.) We were given instructions that the park was in a big circle so we could walk around in either direction. The minor issue with that was where we started off had a few rides such as mini-diggers and dodgems that are actually not included in the price. Other than a quick money-maker, I am not sure why these things are here and why they are not included in the price like everything else. If of course, like us, you are able to negotiate with your kids to ignore these and go on the stuff you have already paid for, it’s not too much of a problem…cheeky Diggerland.

With a mixture of rides that you sit in and enjoy the thrills, they also have diggers of various sizes that you can actually drive. The only condition on most of them is that you are 90cm or taller and even if you’re smaller than 90cm, you can experience most of the rides, but you have to allow a person above 90cm to drive.
Some rides you simply drive or dig around, but some come with a bit more of a challenge. A great one is skittles. All you have to do is knock the skittles over with your digger….seems simple enough. Well, it is harder than you think. These things take some skill!

Don’t even get me started on the Diggerland version of Hook-a-duck. We saw one guy sat there for what felt like 30 minutes trying to catch those pesky ducks. There didn’t seem to be any time limit on the rides, which worked both ways. You never felt pressured to hurry up, but it also meant some rides, you had to wait a little longer but even with it being a beautiful day and on a weekend, it wasn’t TOO busy.

We did the whole park in about 4 hours without rushing around and even sat and had a picnic in the picnic area, followed by obligatory over priced ice cream. You expect that nowadays though.

Other rides included ‘Sky Shuttle’ which raised you into the air about 50 feet and I am sure it gave a great view. Sadly I didn’t find out for myself as my kids are scaredy cats and wouldn’t go on with me.
‘Ground Shuttle’ which raises you only 10 feet from the ground but then takes you on a slow and steady ride. For the adventurous, there is a Safari ride, which takes you around a track where you can discover all sorts of animals (Well cardboard cut-outs anyway) and for the thrill seekers, there is ‘SpinDizzy’ which is a bigger, badder, more extreme version of the ‘Dig-a-round’…….Personally, the Dig-a-round was enough for me!

There are many other rides and driving experiences including the chance to drive an 8.5 tonne JCB 3CX worth around £50k. More info on the rides offered can be found here: http://www.diggerland.com/rides-and-drives/.

Any negatives? Maybe the prices? The prices are a little steep at a cost of around £19.99 if booked on the day and this price applies to both adults and children over 90cm however, we did have a really good day and you could fill 7 hours easily with repeat visits to rides and games.
I always find it odd when an attraction charges the same for kids as they do adults, but I suppose they all take a seat in a digger so I guess they should be charged the same.
Diggerland might not appreciate me telling you this but if you look hard enough online, you can pretty much always find discount vouchers which make the day even cheaper.
The only other negative is probably the dust. Don’t go in your Sunday best. remember you are surrounded by diggers so don’t expect to leave there without getting dust in places you didn’t know you didn’t want dust.

If like us you have kids who love diggers and you live near a Diggerland, I would definitely check it out.

I was invited by Diggerland to visit the Yorkshire site so we could review it but the opinions expressed in this review are the honest opinions of myself and nobody else.


  1. You must live near me as this is only 15 minutes away from our home, yet I’ve never visited either yet! We plan to at some point! I’m glad I’ve read this review because I didn’t really know a lot about it but our son (3yo) loves Diggers so I know he’ll love it. I bet we could swap some recommendations on places to visit – have a look at my posts on Stocked Park and Piglet’s Adventure Farm!

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