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My kids are no different than most their age. They love trains and it was at the local train station I took this image, perfect for a #MySundayPhoto. What a pair of posers!

We visited our local station and they were trying to see down the tunnel. I kept trying to capture the perfect picture but they kept moving out of shot. When I jokingly told them to “Stand still I’m trying to take a picture”, they both took their positions and posed forĀ a great picture.
As a parent I don’t think I will ever get bored with seeing my boys together like this, after all, it’s just great to see them being nice to each other!

This and many other photos have been linked over at, so go over there by clicking the image below and check out everybody else’s #MySundayPhoto pictures.



  1. That is a great photo, our train arrives through a tunnel too and the kids never lose the excitement of seeing one arrive.

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