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The family and I went to check out Jump Inc. Here’s what we thought.

When I was a kid it was ‘Quasar’. A local bowling alley had its own Quasar arena. Kids would wear a little receiver on their back and chest. They would hide and track down their opposition and shoot at them. Think of a dark, sweaty painless version of paintball. I even had one of these sets at home, it was awesome. In fact Tom Hanks wore the very same one I had in the movie ‘Big’.
Now, instead of shooting at each other, the latest craze for kids is…jumping. I know what you’re thinking. How can simply jumping entertain kids? Well, when you do it on hundreds of trampolines it’s pretty damn entertaining.

‘Jump Inc’ is at first glance a massive collection of trampolines, but it’s more than that. They have trampolines you can jump on, tumble on, air bags to fall on, tight ropes to balance on dodgeball courts to…well dodge balls on.

Jump Inc is all about spring-loaded fun. A place where jumpers can literally Get Some Air and bounce off the walls in a safe, controlled environment!

Packed with activities to suit everyone – from Open Jump to Slam Dunk to Walk the Wall. Whatever your age or bounce-ability, you’ll have an amazing time at Jump Inc. With our interconnected trampolines housed within huge, vibrant arenas, it can be as easy or as challenging as you like; a training ground for athletes, a place to kick back and bounce for fun or a hardcore form of exercise that puts you in the middle of a high-flying cardio workout.

We have been to trampoline parks before, but I’ll be honest, it was nothing compared to Jump Inc.
When you first enter Jump Inc and provide your booking details or pay as you jump, you are given suitable socks which have treads in (if you’re old enough to remember totes socks, but much more stylish). After a short safety briefing where you’re told what most people consider common sense but the few simply don’t realise, you are lead into the arena. Here the staff give everyone a little warm up, after all, we don’t want to pull a muscle! After you’re all warmed up, you’re ready to bounce.

The arena is well laid out with massive walkways between each part, so if you are going as a group and somebody doesn’t want to bounce, they can still enter the arena and enjoy watching you all fall over the place. Unless of course, it is a child 5 and under, in which case, you need to pay and jump too.

We visited the Leeds park and as well as the basic trampolines as you walk in, they also have jump ramps where you can and jump into an air bag and also a ‘Jump Tower’ basically a MASSIVE tower from which the brave amongst us can jump from into a giant air bag.

I was genuinely impressed on how the park was laid out and I think the pricing is pretty reasonable. It costs £9.50 (If pre-booked, £11 if you just walk-in) for an hour and that gives you access to the whole park. It sounds expensive but trust me, after an hour you’ll have had enough. If not, they sometimes offer you another hour for a reduced rate.
If you think that’s too much, this summer they are offering ‘Summer Sessions’ where 4 people can jump for £25, 5 people can jump for £30 and 6 can jump for £35, which is amazing value. (more info here: https://www.jump-inc.uk/offers-events/summer-sessions/) and if that isn’t enough then you can also book a 30 day Summer Unlimited Pass. For only £40 you can bounce EVERY DAY in August. That’s a little over £1 a day to go trampolining. Pretty cool!!!  (more info here: https://www.jump-inc.uk/offers-events/summer-jump-inc/) Of course, you can find out more and sign up to the Jump Inc newsletter on the jump Inc site.

So there you go, a brief look at Jump Inc and all the places to find out more info. I can’t recommend Jump Inc highly enough. The whole family had a great time and this is a great activity no matter what the weather outside.

Thanks to Jump Inc for inviting us along to review the place in Leeds. We will definitely be back!

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