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Wonder woman is the 4th in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) after Man of steel, BvS and Suicide Squad and those previous movies hadn’t been welcomed by critics even though I enjoyed them so I went I to wonder woman with an open mind. I’d not read a great deal about the movie other than that it was an origin movie.
The marketing for the movie was immense. Spending an estimated $3m as opposed to $2.6 for suicide squad.

The film stars Gal Gadot as the titular character whose current incarnation was first introduced to us in the movie Batman V Superman. In that movie her origin is explained as Amazonian and that she is a mighty warrior. Wonder woman is the origin story behind that character.

The movie begins by taking us to (Themyscira). A Utopian paradise inhabited by only women. We are given a brief back story about how the Amazons were created and how a war killed all men on the island.
We then meet a very young Diana Prince. We see her grow and train and slowly evolve into Diana Prince – Wonder Woman. The people of Themyscira train for a war they hope never comes but one day that war is brought to them when Steve Trevor crash lands of the shores and nearly drowns, only saved by Diana herself. Trevor is not alone and is being chased by German forces. A battle ensues and Trevor tells Diana that he needs to get back to London otherwise the war will not end. Diana, believing this is the war her people have been training for, goes with Steve to end the war.

I’m not a big fan of period movies. I enjoy films set in the future but when it comes to films depicting the past, I find them a little bit boring. Wonder Woman does a good job of not hanging on the fact that it is set around World War 1. The period really is simply a backdrop in the movie and although that affects certain elements of the film, it doesn’t get hung up on it and feel like a war movie.

The first half hour of the movie and the following 100 or so minutes are very different movies but are sown well together, however throughout the whole movie there is some great action. whether its bows and arrows on Themyscira or guns and planes in London or Belgium, the fight scenes are pretty good. In fact I would say they are better than the scenes in BvS (Except maybe the Batman warehouse scene).

The end did spoil it for me a little bit. Although the effects look great in the movie, this movie suffers the same as BvS before it, where you can clearly see where the live action ends and the CGI begins. Of course with characters and story lines like this, it’s impossible to have practical effects all the time, but sometimes it is easy to be taken out of the movie when something look so CGI. A small and easily forgettable complaint  but a complaint none the less.

Gal Gadot received a lot of negative reaction when she was cast in the role of Wonder Woman, but now that we see her in action, I think she is perfect for the part. Her look, her accent, it all adds to the belief that she is an Amazonian woman.
Chris Pine is also great in this role. After all if I was to be the first man seen by many on an island full of women, I’d be happy if it was Chris Pine. He’s……above average. (That will make sense when you have seen the movie).
The extended cast all fit well into the story and in the movie. In BvS you see a picture that Bruce Wayne shows Diana, that shows her and the team and in this movie you see how that photograph comes about. They do a great job of keeping this connected to the DCEU and making it a stand alone movie that you can enjoy without seeing any that have come before it.

The direction and the overall look of the movie is also impressive. The action scenes flow well and (unlike with BvS) it didn’t feel like you couldn’t tell who was fighting who and the effects used in this movie seemed a step up on those in the previous films.

Although Zach Snyder is behind both BvS and Man of Steel and although I am a fan of his, I’d be happy if they continued to offer the rest of the movies to other directors. David Ayer did a great job with Suicide Squad and I know Aquaman is being directed by James Wan. Justice League is mostly directed by Snyder but with some re-shoots from Joss Weadon and I think it will help the universe to grow.

The movie is a 12A in the UK and I think a PG13 in the US. Bearing in mind this film is set in World War 1, there is obviously guns and explosions and a small amount of blood, most of the movie is fairly OK, but I think the 12A rating is about right. You see the effects of things like mustard gas and things of that nature so if I had a 12-year-old, I’d have to consider if I should take them to this movie.

If you’re still in two minds on whether or not to see Wonder Woman, I implore you to. Could this do to the DC universe what Iron Man did for Marvel? Only time will tell.

So there you have it, my opinion that the film is…WONDERful.
I would appreciate your opinion bad or good on this review and of course your thoughts on the movie. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Great review Lewis, I will definitely be going along to see this now as I wasn’t sure. My sort of film I have never listened to crictics

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