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Why is it so hard to get a nice family photo? We have had photo shoots and various day out, but we never seem to get a nice family photo where everybody is looking at the camera, or smiling nicely or there’s not something else random making it a family photo fail.
I’m guessing this isn’t just a problem our family suffers from. I’m as photogenic as a bare brick wall, BB is too old to get away by simply being cute and I’m not gonna mention Mrs DWB’s ‘smile’. The only saving grace is LB, who still has the cute factor going for him.

So is it just us? It doesn’t end here. When we get an extended family photo the rest of the family are just as bad. I’d love to see some of your family photo fails!

This and many other photos have been linked over at, so go over there by clicking the image below and check out everybody else’s #MySundayPhoto pictures.



  1. I agree it’s really hard, but I hope you keep trying. This is pretty good, I struggle to even get all the faces in the same shot thanks to my uncooperative lot! #MySundayPhoto

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