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CBeebies Land is an extension the popular UK theme park Alton Towers. Recently Mrs DWB entered a competition to win tickets to the CBeebies Land 3rd Birthday Party……and she won! The prize included four tickets into the theme park and tickets to the birthday party afterwards.
Living so far away, meant an early start for us all (Including our Nephew O who was joining us for the day). We were on the road at just after 7 for the two-hour drive down the M1 from Leeds. We had purposely not told the kids where we were going until that morning as we didn’t find the idea of being nagged all week that much fun, unfortunately we were still inundated with “How far is it?”, “Why is it taking so long?” and “Will we see Andy with his dinosaurs?”
We arrived around 2 hours later and we were instructed to park in the express parking. If you have ever been to Alton Towers, you would know the normal parking was some way away and best accessed by the monorail. The express parking was right next to the entrance which is great.

We entered the park and made a beeline for CBeebies Land, which is pretty close to the entrance. We decided however to take a detour via the closest cafe for breakfast and a quick look at the map, to decide where we were going to head first. (For the record we did this as we avoided breakfast before the car journey due to the likely hood of it making an appearance while on the motorway, unless your happy paying £5 for a crappy bacon baguette…eat at home)

Assuming your kid is a fan of CBeebies (why else would you go), most of your favourite characters are there. Postman pat, Octonauts, Go Jetters and of course all the folks from In the night garden.

We started at Postman Pat, this was a really short line and we could all go on it. With there being 5 of us, we had to split into two cars but all the kids enjoyed it and we even went on this again at the end of the day!

Most of the rides in CBeebies Land are suitable for everybody. Once your child is above 0.9m, they can go on anything in the park. Only on the odd occasion did I have to stand to one side and look after ‘O’ as he was too small as he is only 1, other than those he had a great time.

There really is a good mix of rides for young and old(er). My personal favourite was probably the slowest, which was the In The Night Garden Boat Ride. The ride was smooth and you get to see all the characters and they look exactly like they do on the show. I was pretty impressed as you can probably tell.

Enough of me rambling on about the day, here is some pictures….

One option offered by the park is a digital pass. You pay a fee (We took the £30 option) and this allows you to keep all the ride and event photos that are taken all over the park. Not only do they have those annoying ones that catch you while you’re zooming around, there are also a photo studio where you can pose with your favourite characters. You get to download them all when you get home. Well worth the money.

So there you have it. Our opinion on CBeebies Land. We had a great day, rarely stopped and we only touched on the rides available in the extended theme park, so if you have kids of any age, there is something available for them.

If you have any questions about CBeebies Land or you’ve been and want to add your opinion, don’t hesitate to add it to the comments below.

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