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When I was growing up, my mum took me back to the town she grew up in on a nearly annual basis. Through most of those years, we stayed with her sister Dorothy.

I have many fond memories of the many holidays we had staying with Auntie Dot. She was kind, considerate and welcomed us into her home and was always there when we needed her.

She continued to do this when I brought my own family to meet her. She welcomed my children as she welcomed me as a child and soon became a favourite destination for us when we visited that part of the world.

Back in October, I said goodbye to a much-loved auntie because I knew there was a chance, due to illness, that the last time I hugged her was going to be the last time I’d be lucky enough to see her. On the morning of Saturday 18th February 2017, that beautiful woman passed away.

She was loved by and will be missed by all who knew her. I am a better person for having had her in my life.

I apologise for sich a long post for #MySundayPhoto but I couldn’t simply post a picture without explaining why that photo is so important.
When her daughter posted the news on facebook, she started the post by saying “Another angel gained their wings”. I couldn’t have put it better.

Goodnight Auntie Dot. Be at peace.

This and many other photos have been linked over at Photalife, so go over there by clicking the image below and check out everybody else’s #MySundayPhoto pictures.



    1. I was in twi minds wether to emntion on the blog but I love the picture so wanted to share. Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Hope the family is coping well.

    1. sThanks for commenting. The boys loved going to visit. Probably becasue she gave the sweets! lol Aunties are allowed I guess.

    1. Thanks Natalie. One of the hardest things is how to tell the boys. LB is only 4 and maay not understand, but we know BB who is 5 will. Thanks again for your kind words.

  1. Hi Lewis, sometimes a photo isn’t enough. Your Auntie Dot sounds like she was a very special person, I am sorry for your loss, but a community of angels somewhere have gained a very special lady, who, I have no doubt, will be watching over you and your family. Look out for that white feather!


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