Green Fingers #MySundayPhoto

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Everytime we go to a local restaurant, they give us some little packs for the kids. It contains some coloured pencils and a puzzle sheet to keep the little ones busy while you wait for your food. It also included some seeds so we could grow our own cress. After being nagged for a few days, we finally put them with some cotton wool and water and after a couple of weeks of TLC (Water), we have these…..


The boys feel as if they have planted and grown the most beautiful plants ever. Shame they are always arguing which of theirs has grown more!

Do your kids have green fingers?


  1. Sadly our kids, though interested in principle, are about as green-fingered as I am – which is to say not at all. They don’t have the persistence to keep at it for more than a few days before their interest moves on to the next thing. Ah well.

    1. I think that’s why the kids like this. It only requires as much attention as “Ooo look it’s growing”. Mum and dad does the rest. Lol

      Thanks for the comment.

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