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We’ve tried football, gymnastics, bowling and thanks to Online Golf we have now given golf a go! We were invited to their #OGgetkidsintogolf event in Leeds and who am I to deny my kids the chance to show us if they are this generations Rory Mcilroy or Tiger Woods (minus all the infidelity I hope).

I have played golf in the past and quite enjoyed it. Golf was one of the few things that I did with my dad when I was younger. He would play golf with his work friends and I would caddy for him. I would like to think he was capable of carrying his own clubs and he just wanted to spend time with me, but in reality, I know that wasn’t the case, but I enjoyed the time with him none the less. I would love to have something like that I can share with my kids in the future.

Online Golf have launched an initiative to ‘Get Kids into Golf’ and so the event gave kids the ideal chance to learn some basic golf skills, and get competitive with some competitions.

The kids were invited to try out a few little games that had been set up by the Online Golf team. They could practice chipping into a set of nets, putting towards a target, a putting version ten pin bowling and a great little set of putting greens.




First up was the chipping nets. One great value LB seems to have is no fear of trying anything, so as soon as  the instructor asked who wanted to try it, his hand shout up so fast I am convinced his feet left the ground. After the instructor explained 9 times how to hold the club it was time for LB to take his first swing……


He swung…….and HE HIT. First time!!! Yes the ball simple trickled towards the target rather than an accurately aimed chip, but he hit it first time. After a couple of repeats it was BB’s turn. it only took him being told seven times how told hold the club before the club was raised, swung towards its target and…..MISSED….a second swing…..and a miss……third swing…..and A HIT!! He hit the ground but he hit something and it wasn’t breakable so that’s a win-win in my eyes.


We continued to move around the room and trey our hand at each activity and as expected at every activity we had to explain the concept of how to hold a club!

I think the boys both enjoyed the putting greens the most, maybe that was purely because they could simply hit the ball with very little technique and just try to get the ball in the hole rather than trying to hit the ball perfectly.

Both boys and even mummy and daddy had a great day and they enjoyed their first venture into pproper golf (Not the crazy kind) and maybe in the future we can try it again.


Why should kids try golf? here’s a few facts as to why golf could be the perfect sport for kids to try…

Top 5 reasons why Kids should get into golf

1. More kids can play golf! For golf you don’t have to be tall, strong or fast or lean. Successful golfers come in all shapes, sizes and ages.

2. It’s low-risk! Chances of injuries in golf are very small to non-existent compared to other popular sports like football or rugby. Being no-contact, golf is a very safe, respectful sport.

3. It’s healthy! Golf is an outdoors sport giving kids the opportunity to exercise al fresco whilst enjoying nature.

4. It creates bonds with friends & family! Whether your kid plays golf with family members, friends or takes lessons with a pro, mentoring and playing together will create unique and close bonds that will last a lifetime.

5. Your kid will learn important life lessons! Playing golf, kids will experience highs and lows, from the first hole-in-one or birdie to a misplaced shot in a bunker. Golf will teach your kid that though we can’t always win, we always have another shot in life and skill comes with practice.

So there you have it. Want to get your kids into a sport, maybe you should give golf a try?


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