The child we never talk about.

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I have been thinking about writing this post for a long time, never quite sure whether I would or not. It’s a post only a small group of people will be able to relate to and even some of those won’t talk about it openly.

Before we had BB, we were already a family. Me, The Wife and our first little bundle of joy.
She is nearly 12 years old now and is just as important now as she was when she entered our lives for the first time on a wet Febraury day.
You hear about the moment your eyes meet theirs and you feel a connection, you see the love in their eyes and you feel the responsibility of caring for them hit you like a truck into a wall. This happened first when she was first on our arms.

She’s grown so much since that day but she will always be our little girl.
She will always be our first baby.
This is one of my favourite picture of all three kids, Don’t they all look  so happy!!

Ladies and gentlemen…ALL of our children…


Some people think it a little strange when you treat your pets like kids, but in some ways she’s was definitely our first child.

When we first brought her home, we were not prepared at all (sound familiar?). We’d actually gone into the pet store to buy the essentials for the dog we planned on going to get the following weekend, but the world has a way of throwing you curveballs so when we went into the little independent pet store near our home and saw her under the counter, the wife fell in love.

Dublin and dog 038

In some ways having a puppy is harder than having a baby. They can be much more demanding in the early days and of course when it comes to using a potty, dogs don’t really like wearing a nappy!

Since the kids came along, the attention we give Penny has definitely been less and less but we have never forgotten that she isn’t just a pet, she is part of the family and we are lucky that the boys have so far been great with her and her with them.

Are we the only ones that feels like their pets are part of the family? Are we crazy?…well, I already know the answer to that.

Let me see pics of your little furry babies, that sounds a bit wrong actually…lets keep it to pets, ok?


  1. after fighting it for the past several years, I broke down and let the girls get a puppy. Its a real pain, and a good reminder of why I didn’t want another kid. As I type this I’m awake a full hour earlier than I needed to be because the little fleabag needed to go out.

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