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Living in Leeds and being a blogger, I don’t get invited to a massive amount of stuff. Actually that’s not true. I get invited to quite a bit but unless you live in or around London and can make it during the day, on a week day, when the kids are in school, then you have to politely decline.

Recently the family and I were invited to an event perfect for us. It was on a weekend, at a decent time and it involved the whole family.
I had heard of Roxy ballroom before, a bar in Leeds with a difference. Along with the usual bar type things, Roxy ballroom has ping pong, pool, mini golf, beer pong amongst other things. What I hadn’t heard of was Roxy Lanes. A 4-lane bowling alley on the first floor of an office building…..The guys at Roxy obviously like to do things differently.

The event was to publicise their new Roxy juniors opening times. A special portion of the day where those under 18 can join in the fun for only £5 a game.

Firstly it was great going to an event with the family on public transport. The boys love a train ride, so the whole clan jumped on a train for the 10 minute journey to Leeds. Being from Leeds, we knew where Roxy Lanes was and we arrived in plenty of time. Being there early meant we had first dibs on seats in their cool little seating area. The layout is great, you can see straight into the open plan kitchen (more about the food later) and you can also see the main attraction…the bowling alleys.

What I loved about the venue was, because it only has 4 lanes, it seems a really intimate place to be. You don’t have to walk miles to get to anything so if you were going with kids who were pretty independent, you would be pretty comfortable going to order a drink or some food and leave them bowling away. Of course this works both ways and if you’re trying to hide from your kids, there’s a good chance they’ll find you pretty easily.

We were all signed in and our shoe sizes taken, our lanes were allocated. After a great game where the wife put me to shame we were invited back to our seats so we could try out the new kids menu which consisted of a little buffet full of Pizza, chips and other kid friendly nibbles.

All while this as going on, the boys joined in with a bit of a colouring competition. Still a bit young to create a work of art, but they were proud of their little creations. And of course it wouldn’t be Roxy if it didn’t involve a game of Beer Pong, even if the beer was swapped for sweets and chocolate.



The kids had a great time and so did everybody else. it was great to meet some local bloggers that I have conversed with online and what better place to do it.

Roxy lanes would be a great place to hire for any sort of celebration and it’s great that they do special offers such as the Roxy juniors games for £5 Sunday to Friday 3pm til 6pm or Saturday 10am til 3pm.


Luckily we won a free family game, so we will definitely be returning for another game at Roxy Lanes Leeds.

As you’ve probably gathered we were invited to attend the #RoxyJrs event but all information and opinions are our own.

Thanks for reading.

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