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Once upon a time…

…There lived a King Who Blogs. The King was invited to bring his Queen and their two young princes to experience and review a wonderland. A wonderland full of delight and stories. Familiar stories, that when younger the king read himself and now reads to his young heirs when they retire to their chambers on an evening. Tales that include giants and beanstalks, goats and trolls, fathers and wooden dolls.

OK…I can’t keep that going any longer, its hard taking in ‘ye olde’ speech, I don’t know how bloggers did it back then.


The Rainbow Factory is a “Storybook play centre” which mixes story telling and interactive play to deliver an experience for 0-10 year olds. This is some of the info from their website;
“The Rainbow Factory, an interactive storybook play centre, draws on themes from well-known books and fairy tales, bringing traditional stories and modern literature to life. Immersing youngsters in a world of adventure and fun, the Rainbow Factory, based in Farsley, Leeds, is the perfect attraction for a family day out…
An Alternative to Soft Play
Created by Hazel Merlino and Sarah Underwood, the Rainbow Factory is a step away from entertainment options like soft play centres. Harnessing the power of storytelling, it offers parents, carers and extended family members a more constructive and educational play environment for their children.”

The Rainbow Factory aims to reawaken children’s imagination and help to develop their reading, communication and literacy skills.

The Rainbow Factory is located pretty close to where we live in West Yorkshire. I had never heard of it before and it first came to my attention through the awesome Honest Mum. Also from the area, she had previously reviewed the centre.
As always, I like to make my own mind up and when the Rainbow Factory got in-touch asking if I would like to do just that, we jumped at the chance.

We arrived at 10am and after a short wait to allow others to join us, two members of staff gathered the kids together and we began our tour. During the tour the kids are taken from one display to the next and at each display a story is laid out to them and in our case, clues were found.
A small thing to note here, we were searching for clues because the theme of the tour was ‘Mystery’. The theme changes on a monthly basis so if you go, your experience may be different to ours where this is concerned.

After each clue has been found and the displays have been explored, the kids were taken to the ‘creative kitchen’ where they could cut, stick and create. Each boy made a magnifying glass to match this months theme.
Then they were introduced to the rest of the play areas including LOADS of story books to be read under the ‘Storybook Tree’ and the fancy dress box.


The princes were able to run free while me and my queen, sorry slipped back into it there, were able to sit back, enjoy a drink and watch our kids having bucket loads of fun.
Just as we were about to leave a member of staff rang a bell and gathered the kids in front of the stage and proceeded to act out the story of jack and the Beanstalk.

The kids had a great time, the staff were great and you could see that they clearly were enjoying the job they were doing.
I was really impressed with the displays, they were very detailed and although the place seemed a small operation, you could see that some great skill had gone into creating them. We have been to other local attractions with similar displays and they were much lower quality.

imageIf I was to try to find anything negative to say about the day (We stayed 10:00 till 14:00) was that the cafe area is great but it is VERY expensive. We bought two hot drinks, two fruit shoots and two kinder eggs (We love our children full of sugar) and it came to just over £8. To some that may not seem a lot but to us it seemed a bit excessive. Same went for the cold sandwiches they sold. Although they looked OK, £3.50 for a pre-made sandwich was a little high….BUT this place isn’t a cafe, it’s an entertainment venue and in that aspect the entry cost (£22 for 2ad & 2ch) is well worth it. You can begin your day at 10am and spend as much time as you want.

The Rainbow Factory is easy to find, has free parking and is a place that you can tell a lot of love has gone into making it a great attraction.
But of course don’t take our word for it. If you live in the area give The Rainbow Factory a shot and tell them Dad Who Blogs sent you. You wont get ANYTHING free but it sounds cool.

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Truly magical place isn’t it-your opener on the bloggers of the olden days made me laugh. We love the Rainbow Factory with all our hearts, no where like it in the UK X

    1. I’ll be honest, expectations were low, but I was very impressed. The whole place from the venue to the models were impressive. Shame about remortgaging the house to buy lunch, but you can’t have everything. 🙂
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Ahh.. we haven’t been for awhile – I think my 3 year old would get even more out of it 6 months on. We really loved it last time, we’ll have to plan a trip back soon especially as I am too big a baby for outdoor days out in the freezing rain this time of year.

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