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With a holiday on the way it seemed perfect timing when I was contact by the sun mousse and asked if we wanted to give there innovative product a try. Heres a little pitch from the sun mousse®…

sunmousse1.fwFinding the right sun care protection for both you and your kids can be very tedious. Trying to apply runny creams and greasy sprays as the kids are running around and jumping in and out of the sun and sea or swimming pool is always a pain. It’s also tricky to find a product that can stand-up to these activities and be enjoyed by both adults and children alike.

The sun mousse® range provides sun protection for the whole family. Offering a non-sticky application and up to six hours’ worth of protection, its special formula means it rapidly absorbs into the skin’s outer layer, working within the epidermis to provide immediate and lasting UVA and UVB sun protection.

It’s fabulously smooth, light mousse texture means it is both easy to apply and non-sticky – ideal for when your little ones are itching to get out into the sun. The sun filters absorb into the skin, making them less likely to be washed away by water, sweat or towelling, making the sun mousse® giving your kids more time to play without having to worry about reapplying.

The non-oily formulation means you won’t be left with an unpleasant sticky residue, but it also allows the skin to breathe, making it the perfect sun protection for both face and body. Its moisturising properties and light texture leave the skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch, and by not clogging the pores, it is also much less likely to cause prickly heat or aggravate other sun-induced allergies.

The fun and easy-to-use mousse comes in a range of factors to suit all skin types, meaning there’s no excuse for you or your kids to adopt the lobster-look this summer! So get out there and enjoy the sunshine safely.

So what did we think? Well, we ended up not tkaing it on holiday. No offence to the product but we have a product we already used and liked and we were not going to risk our kids health on a product we didnt know.

Since returning from holiday however and during this extremely hot weather we’ve been having, I have used ‘the sun mousse®’ on a daily basis and I’m pretty happy with it.

Both kids look like they have been protected from the sun as well as you could hope for and that’s the point of the product, right?

We found that most of what they say about the product to actually be true. It does a great job for coverage and doesn’t feel sticky on the skin you’ve applied it too. It’s very strange using mousse instead of cream but I think that comes from years of only using creams. We never got into the whole spray thing.

Any negatives? Only 2.
1 – I don’t know the science of this product but it work on the foam, turning into a lotion while rubbing into the skin. When doing this to arms, legs, bellies and backs it works great as you have plenty of area to cover. When trying to apply to small areas such as the face, it becomes a little bit more difficult. Although I must say (Which sounds strange), the more I use it the easier it is to use.
2 – One of the first things I noticed about the bottle is that it displays a 4* (Superior) UVA rating. As with most things 4* is a sign of quality but most product similar to the sun mousse do carry a 5* (Ultra) rating. This doesn’t turn me away from the product but it was something I noticed. Something the men in white coats need to work on me thinks.


Would I buy this product? Probably not. Mostly that’s because we already have a product we like, is reasonably priced and works for us.

Would I advise people to use this product? definitely! If you don’t like using runny lotions or greasy sprays I would give this product a try.

We like it so much we will continue using the samples sent to use in exchange for this review, until they run out and on the basis its a mousse, it’s going to last us a while.

As always, thanks for reading.

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