How Man of Steel & Batman Vs Superman intertwine. #DWBMovies

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Earlier this month the annual San Diego Comic-con was held and as usual they didn’t disappoint when it comes to getting a better look at all our favourite comic book movies coming out in the near future.

Official trailers for Fantastic Four, Suicide Squad and Batman Vs Superman were released soon after and already there are theories on how the latter connects to the most recent Superman movie Man of Steel. (Be warned, the rest of this post includes spoilers for MoS steel!)

We know from the BvS trailer that Bruce Wayne witnesses the demise of a Wayne building full of devoted staff working for his company which was caused by the epic battle at the end of MoS and the awesome video below shows exactly how the two movies are linked.

Some people are just too damn talented!

What I love about how this was done is that when MoS was first released, a lot of fans including myself were surprised and a little disappointed by how Superman did something he is known to avoid and takes a life. I’m not the biggest fan of ‘Supes’ but I know he goes out of his way to save lives not needlessly take them.

What Zack Snyder and the gang seem to have done is use that backlash and it seems in the BvS trailer that Superman becomes the focus of hate and fear due to his actions. There’s no magic wand in this world, there’s only repercussions for your actions and it seems Kal-El will face some sort of consequence.

Which comic book movie are you most looking forward to and why?


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