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Comic book stores everywhere will be abundant with ‘Slippy floor signs’ today as the news that all Marvel fans have been drooling over has finally become a reality. Spider-man is coming back to Marvel!

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If you’re wondering what the big deal is, let me try to explain.

Have you ever been kind enough to lend a friend something you hold very dear to you. They have it for years and it was never really a problem but now you want it back. You’re not exactly pleased on how your friend has treated this ‘thing’ and you want to take it back and restore it to its previous greatness. Problem with that is you agreed with your friend that they could have it and do with it as they please. For years you ask and for years they deny its return to you. Well today is the day you finally get it back.

Back in 2000 (Way before Marvel began making movies), Sony Pictures approached Marvel and struck a deal with them for Sony to make a film using Marvels most popular character Spider-man. I’m sure at this point the big boss at Marvel simply saw $$$ signs ($7 million of them) and signed a contract allowing Sony the rights to the Spider-man movie-verse meaning marvel couldn’t make a Spider-man movie of their own.
What followed instead was 5 movies including a reboot that never quite lived up to what Spidey fans we hoping for.

Before Andrew Garfield wore the spandex in 2012 there were cries for Marvel to take back what was once theirs and do with it what they did with Iron Man in 2008 but instead Sony chose to re-boot a story that was only told a few years before.
Since then we’ve had Avengers, Some dodgy versions of the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and of course Captain America all of which have not included the webbed wonder!

Pic taken from IMDB

Well that just became a reality as Sony has ‘Allowed’ Spidey to be used in future Marvel movies probably starting with Captain America 3 which is due out in 2016 to be then followed by a new Solo-Spidey movie on 2017.
Spidey senses are saying that Andrew Garfield wont be swinging across our screens in red and blue again which I think is a shame.

A similar situation exists with the Fantastic Four characters which is owned (also being rebooted) and X-men over at FOX. Will we ever see a tru Marvel universe?

Do we care about another Spider-man?
Are we getting overwhelmed with comic book movies?
Who would YOU like to see play Peter Parker?

Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading.

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