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This is a review post but I haven’t received anything in return for this post. I’m just a very satisfied customer!

I’ve always been a fan of photography. I love how some people can take a picture of something and make it look even more amazing than it did in real life.

I’ve spoken to Lucy from Captured by Lucy and the way she looks at items and photographs them is a skill I will never possess.

We have HUNDREDS of pictures of the kids and it seems it’s a yearly tradition to go for a photo shoot!

Most photo shoots are bloody expensive! They offer you a cheap ‘walk in’ price but then charge you for any actual pictures or copies of the disc. That’s why I was happy we found Amanda V Photography.

Amanda V charges you a flat £45 and you get to keep every click. That means good or bad, the pictures are yours…all of them.
That’s great because sometimes the spontaneous ones are the best!

The other great thing is we get some awesome professional shots as because we do this yearly so we can see how the kids have changed!

So. If you in the Leeds (based at the Royal Armouries) York or Preston area check them out! This is what Amanda says on her website.

Hi I’m Amanda Vincent of Amanda V Photography. Over the past 6 years I have photographed thousands of beautiful babies, families and friends capturing the story of their lives.
In a relaxed and friendly setting, , I will photograph the people that mean the most to you. Using creativity and an eye for detail, formal and contemporary images, …..with or without props.
A 15 minute session for one fixed price.At the end of your session you take home a CD of every click of the camera to do with as you wish… it’s yours to keep forever. What a fantastic way to celebrate life, love and family.
A photograph is a moment in YOUR lifetime, preserved forever, that can never be replaced.
Life is a journey. – A never ending circle that will continue from Generation to Generation. Photographs preserve life long after it’s gone for the next generation to look back upon and smile.

Amanda V Photography, Let me help you write “The Story of YOUR Life”

I’m off to take another look at the photos! Want to see some?

AV1 av2 av3 av4

As always, thanks for reading!

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