DWB #Review Seagate STBV1000200 1TB External Hardrive

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Christmas is over, the decorations are put away and all we have to remember it by are the ridiculous amounts of toys, some amazing memories and 1000 pictures of the kids unwrapping presents.
The toys will be used then passed onto relatives or your local charity shops, the memories will fade but one thing that will always remain, are the pictures you took.

At DWB HQ, we love taking pictures. You may have noticed, I always add plenty of pictures to my posts. Pictures are for us, the best way to remember an occasion, a great holiday or simply proof that back in the day, we really id wear our hair like that!
It’s too often, we hear of someone having a camera or laptop stolen and the message is always the same, the owner is more upset about the loss of photographs on the device, than the device itself.

So when they guys from Tesco Compare home insurance to review the Seagate STBV1000200 1TB External Hardrive I jumped at the chance.

SeagateI knew we had a lot of photographs/music/movies on our laptop, but When I actually looked at how much data we had stored on a laptop that quite frankly is falling a part (I am open to reviewing laptops, if anybody is interested! lol), I realised that if the laptop did go ‘kaput’, we could possibly lose years of memories in a literal puff of smoke.
I know The Mrs has copied some photos to disk, but if they get scratched or snapped by the kids, we would be devastated.

So, after I received the Seagate STBV1000200 and eventually found some time to transfer everything across, I was really impressed just how easy and how quick it was.
Simply plug the hard drive into the wall (Needs more power than a USB could provide), plug the USB cable into your laptop and it simply installs itself!
Copy everything you want from your local Hard drive and simply click and drag to your new shiny External hard drive! it really was that simple.
I found it be fast enough and it’s quiet enough that I could simply set it off copying stuff over and leave it running.

I was very happy when I saw all 70+GB worth of data was now safe and it wouldn’t matter if the laptop (which at this point is actually losing keys) went to wherever laptops go once their broken, I would still have everything safely backed up.

Anywhooo…enough of me rambling on! I will leave you with this. If you’re looking to buy an external hard drive, then I would recommend the Seagate STBV1000200. They also have 2GB, 3GB and 4GB options available. The 1TB is available from Amazon for around £55.

For the info hungry amongst you, here comes the science bit….

•Drag and drop file saving, right out of the box
•Fast data transfer with USB 3.0 connectivity
•Up to 3,000 hours of digital video
•Up to 750 two-hour DVD films
•Up to 960,000 digital photos
•Up to 49,980 hours of digital music
•Simply plug in the included power supply and USB cable
•The hard drive is automatically recognised by the Windows operating system — no software to install and nothing to configure
•Drag and drop to save files to the Expansion external hard drive
•Built-in power management automatically ensures energy-efficient operation

As always, thanks for reading.


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