The one with Another 1st Birthday

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Well here we are again, another 1st birthday!

One year ago today, we welcomed LB into our lives and our lives have well and truly, never been the same since!


A year ago today I went through one of the most scary experience of my life. My child in danger, my wife in danger but I suppose it WAS all worth it.

We got another beautiful boy. A second son. BB got a little brother and our family was complete.

It is complete….we will NOT be having any more children! EVER!! EVER!!!

Today we kept a tradition of sorts. We had a little tea party with sandwiches, crisps, pizza, sweets and of course CAKE!

We also have the tradition if letting the kids have a piece of cake and let them go at it. And boy did he!


Time really does fly, I really can’t believe it’s been a year all ready since we first saw his beautiful smile.

I love BB as he was my first, I love LB as he was my last and I love my family because it’s mine.

Happy Birthday LB, love Daddy

As always, thanks for reading.

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