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Every movie buff knows, all good stories are broken down into 3 acts. This little story started around 14 years ago.
Act 1 – The brother:
My brother and his wife decided they wanted a child. As with everything in life, things don’t go to plan. They were told by the professionals that the only way this would happen was with a little help. Well, they were right. With science on their side, my brother became a daddy to little J. J has since grown to become a typical teenager with strops and the desire for everything he can’t have.
Act 2 – The Sister:
My sister wanted kids for a VERY long time. Once again life threw obstacles in the way and after many years of trying and many losses, the impossible became the possible and baby M entered the world.
Act 3 – Me:
Like my brother and sister before me it looked like I may never have children, but in my case it was through choice. Then we shocked ourselves and our families when we welcomed BB into the world. Then of course shortly after we welcomed LB and the gang was complete! (For now at least).

For the first TheBoystime this weekend, the whole gang got together. This was the first time we were all together at the same time.


All of us seemed to go through a stage where kids were not an option, now we can see a future where all our children play together.



Isn’t life funny.

As always, Thanks for reading.


    1. We actually don’t live far from each other but getting us all together never seems that easy! Lol
      On this occasion we just spent the afternoon together but it was fun seeing all together.

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