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Well, after a long and bumpy journey, here we are! On my new shiny blog!

If you have found yourself here, because you followed my old blog over at first-time-daddy.blogspot.com, thank you for following me to my new home. I haven’t quite finished decorating yet, but as always my door is open and you’re all welcome.

If you have never heard of me before, Hi, I’m Lewis and this is my blog.
Check out the ‘About the family’ Page to learn more about me and the reasons I blog.

My first official post on my new blog and I’m waffling already…Oh well, start as we mean to go on aye!

Lastly, I just wanted to say thanks to those that have helped me along on my little journey here, they include Richy (@mabuzzer), Darren (@OneDad3Girls) for their valuable advice and Annie (@MammasaurusBlog).
They have all helped in various ways and without them I know I would be sat in a corner, with my head in my hands, rocking and repeating “WordPress, WordPress” over and over again.

So, take a look around, let me know what you think! Either add a cooment to this post, hit me up on Twitter @dadwhoblogs or of course send me an email to DadWhoBlogs@gmail.com.

One last favour…If you have been kind enough to include my blog on your website, please update my details so all your loyal followers n make their way here, then hate you for it! lol

Thanks for taking the time to read and again thank you for visiting my new home. Now make yourself comfy and get some light reading in.

Love and Hugs
Lewis (DadWhoBlogs)



  1. Loving the new look – only just realised you’d gone live!

    Very glad to have helped in some way – you can buy me a beer whenever our paths cross 🙂

    Couple of suggestions though…

    – I don’t see any sharing buttons, although not sure how much folk are likely to use them
    – a “Related Posts” plugin will hold readers for longer and generate you more traffic

    1. Thanks for the comment and thanks again for your help.

      Will take a look at the plugins tonight! Never ends does it! lol

    1. Thanks, figured I would start of clean and then eventually fill with with clutter! Thats like Blogging law or something isn’t it?

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