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OK, so if you’ve followed this blog for a while, firstly what is wrong with you? Secondly, you may have seen these posts before as I have been to BlogOn quite a few times. If you have and don’t want to read any more information about little old me, then feel free to close this post and get upon your day, but if you still want to know more about the beard behind the blog, then read on.

BlogOn is a northern blogging event (one of the very few) and is taking place on Sunday 21st May 2017. One popular things in the lead up to the event is people doing the Icebreaker linky which allows both regulars and newbies to get to know you a little bit better before the event. I wasn’t going to do one this time as this is my 5th (I think) BlogOn and I have done a few of these posts in the past, but there might just be somebody out there (pretty much everybody) that hasn’t read my blog before so for those people, I figured it was my blogging duty (pronounced doody if you’re american) to do another post, plus I quite liked the questions.

So here goes, here is the my contribution to the 2017 BlogOn Icebreaker linky.

Share a recent picture of you (if you are an anonymous blog, a drawing is fine)
For the record, this image is actually 2009, but other than being a bit fatter, I look the same. If you weren’t sure, I am the one on the left.

Describe yourself in three words
Very bad blogger.

How long have you been blogging and what made you start?
Been blogging (If that’s what you call what I do) about 6 years. When expecting our first, there didn’t seem a great deal of resources for dads. I wanted that to change so created one.

What was the inspiration behind your blog name?
I used to be known as ‘Firsttimedaddy’. that didn’t work when we had a second kid. When thinking of a new name I broke it down to what exactly I am…A dad who blogs.

What is the best thing to come from your blog so far?
I have met some great people and I feel it has genuinely helped me become a better parent.

Your most remembered thing from your childhood
No matter what material things you have, that’s not what makes a good parent.

Something interesting you might not know about me is . . .
Me? Interesting?…nope, I got nothing.

Which social media platform best describes your personality and why?
Twitter. Most of it is rubbish, incoherent and lots of different opinions but every now and then, there’s a diamond in the rough.

What is your happy song?
Probably ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars. Not a big fan, but my kids love it, therefore makes me happy.

What is your favourite alcoholic drink
Beer/Lager=Budweiser Short=Vodka Cocktail=Long island iced tea

What is your favourite cake?
Any I can have without sharing it with my wife.

What is your favourite takeaway dish?

Where is your dream holiday destination and why?
Maldives. Already been but loved it and was really relaxed.

What would your superhero name be?
Well bearing in mind I’m fat and I made a joke about eating a chicken whole once, a blogger once gave me the name of ‘The Glomp‘?

If you had a magical power, would you want to have and why?
Well, I’m a big fan of the TV show ‘Flash’ and I can get impatient with traveling and just want to get there, so probably super speed.

What one weapon would help you survive a zombie apocalypse?
A good sharp knife. Good for killing zombies and good for cutting up other stuff to eat!

If you could send something into space, what would it be?
Probably a Big Mac. Sounds odd, but if any form of life discovered that it came from Earth, they’d probably avoid coming here. Who needs Will Smith when you have Ronald McDonald!

What would you have on your gravestone?
Was alive, now he’s not….we hope.

You make headline news around the world in 2 years time… but for what reason?
Being the worst blogger to win a Nobel Peace prize for services to parenting. You didn’t say which publication the headline featured in!

If an EMP wiped out all mechanical forms of transport, how would you get to BlogOn?
Without going into the fact that I thought an EMP would only affect electronics not mechanical machines, I would probably cycle. (Truth be told I just wouldn’t go as I am far too lazy).

So there you have it. Another post about me to help break the ice at a BlogOn conference.

Are you going to BlogOn? Comment below to introduce yourself or of course write your own post and join in the BlogOn Linky!

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