The Volkswagen Amarok Trailblazers Challenge

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I don’t write about cars much on here as I don’t usually get that excited about them, but I saw a video the other day that make me stop and watch. I think a lot of guys would like the chance to drive a Ferrari or Maserati but I’d be the one going for a tank experience, driving at steep angles and through big muddy puddles.
That’s why I was glued to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle’s Trailblazers Challenge video below, where two Amarok drivers tested the 2017 model in the Lake District. They steered the pick-up over bedrock on narrow roads and made donuts on a wet sandy beach to see who the better driver was. I would have loved a go at that!

Testing power and precision
First up was some technical off-road driving over the large bedrock, and although they rocked about a bit the torque of the Amarok meant it glided over. The younger driver was thriving on the power of the Amarok and motorways are tackled just as easily as fields. But it was the beach challenge that looked most fun to me, where they were tasked with carving the VW sign in the sand, which the other driver did with precision by using the rear-view camera.

Work and play
A definite workhorse, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have made the payload wide enough for bales of hay and even a pallet, plus add-ons include cargo bay covers, a lockable toolbox and various grades of hardtop. However, this premium pick-up wouldn’t look out of place driving through town, especially with some of the optional extras like 19” alloys and styling bars.

Either way, comfort is definitely a given, as there are ergoComfort 14-way seats that won a Healthy Back Campaign award. The interior also has a central infotainment and radio system with six speakers on most models, plus a pretty neat digital voice enhancement system that would be very handy with the kids. I know it’s not meant as a family car, but not having to shout for them to hear me in the back is definitely a bonus.

Next time I think about a driving experience it’ll be a 4×4 one, not a tank, as the Amarok looks like so much fun to drive!

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