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Just like many other comic book movie fans I am always eager to see the latest trailer for the latest film to hit the big screen. One film I’m kind of ‘Meh’ for is Wonder Woman.
I think the main reason for that is I am so unfamiliar with the character that I can’t get excited about seeing another version of it hit the big screen. Although I think including her in Batman V Superman was a good idea, she was overshadowed by the two main characters.

Recently WB release an ‘Origin’ trailer explaining a little bit more about who Wonder Woman is and although I’m still not going to be looking for a midnight screening to go to, it did make me want to see the movie just that little bit more.

Check it out below.

So what did you think? The visuals look awesome and where I think some comic movies try hard to mix comic book and real world, having this movie mix fantasy (She is the daughter of a god) with a period drama looks fun. The trailer shows us both her world and ours. Hopefully the movie will explain things like her bracelets and lasso that are pretty heavily featured in this trailer.

Will this be panned by critics the same as the previous two DC comic book movies? We only have to wait till July to find out!

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