Celebrating the Great British Summer with Cotton Traders #CTSummerDays

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It’s August 2016 and to be fair, we’ve had a pretty decent summer so far.
Plenty of sunshine, very little rain. This has meant plenty of time outside enjoying everything a Great British summer has to offer.

Recently we were invited along to Lamberts Yard in Leeds to celebrate everything about The Great British Summer with Cotton Traders.

The Great british summer has changed a little bit over the last 100 years.
In the 1920’s it was difficult to get the beach as there simply wasn’t the transport.
That changed in the 1930s with the introduction of the car which meant families could explore the coastline easier.
The 1940s saw a real rise in families visiting different destinations during the summer.
The 1950’s were a time for picnics not BBQs but still a time for family.
The 1960s saw music become a big part of enjoying the summer season and of course the summer of 1966 is pretty well-known for being a great summer for the English football team.
Since the 70s and up to present day, summer has become about fun, family, fashion and festivals.

The boys love a trip on the train so, the whole family caught a ‘choo choo’ train into the centre of Leeds for another blogging event. (More events in or around Leeds please).

When we arrived, we were welcomed with a drink and we were invited to have a look round the event space so we could see the fun and games that they had planned.

There was kite building.PhotoGrid_1471938393096  Some great summer food.


Decorate your own ice cream.PhotoGrid_1471938360641


And ‘one of those things where you have to get the hoop round a metal shape without it buzzing’. (Disclaimer: probably not the correct name).PhotoGrid_1471898809038

Of course there was also the obligatory blogging event photo set for the perfect instagram photo!


The boys had a great time and it was great to meet up with other Yorkshire parent bloggers such as Hannah from hannahspannah.co.uk, Adam from It’s Adam again and Carl from ablokeseyeview.
I don’t get invited to a great deal of things normally so it was fun to meet other bloggers and their families.

To find out more about what we got up to and some more great photos from the day check out the Cotton Traders blog over at http://www.cottontraders.com/uk/page/thread-17-08-2016.

Until next time!

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