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The kids have always known me to have two things where my appearance is concerned. A beard and glasses.
Now I hope your seated as the next sentence may surprise you….. I wasn’t born with either of those things. I know, shocking, right!!!
My beard was born from a longstanding joke with my best friend and my glasses I got because I got sick of squinting at everything.

I have been wearing glasses now for about 8 years and I am rarely seen without them. When I got glasses I did it because I wanted to see clearly (well duh!) and after eventually admitting to myself that I needed them I finally went for an eye test.

Now I’m not a vain person at all, but the thought of having to wear glasses filled me with dread. I didn’t want round glasses as they made my fat round face even rounder. I didn’t want big glasses because, well they didn’t suit me. I eventually found small rectangular lenses were the way to go and I have worn the same style of glasses ever since. When I originally got glasses the plan was to use them ONLY for driving. I didn’t want these things sitting on my nose all day. The problem with that is it became habit to put them on every time I went anywhere as otherwise everything would be a blur.
So instead of it being every now and then, I wore them everyday and that meant my eyes got that little bit lazy and therefore my eyesight got a little worse.
8 years later and I made the decision to try contacts. A well-known opticians (lets call it Pecksavers) was offering a free eye test and a free trial so I figured I have nothing to lose.

To some, the thought of sticking a finger in your eye every day is not the idea of a party, but for me it seemed to not be an issue, that was until I had a contact on the end of my finger. The first time the young girl that worked at ‘Pecksavers’ asked me to try to insert a contact onto my eye, my eye slammed shut like venus fly trap.
For many years I have been complimented on the length of my eyelashes, it turns out that seems to be a bit of a obstacle when it comes to putting in contact lenses….Stupid lucious eyelashes.

After 30 minutes, the threat of needing a second session as it was taking so long and many failed attempts at putting these lenses in, I finally did it. My eyes were red and the area around my eyes hurt from my fingers prying my eyelids apart, but they were in! I was wearing contacts. I was ecstatic. It was amazing, I could see!! I was ready to leave the store and embark on a whole new world of freedom.
I looked over at Little miss Pecksavers expecting to see a look of a proud parent seeing her young boy riding a bike for the first time but all I saw was a sad, sad expression on her face. The kind a parent has when their young boy rides a bike for the first time…. over a cliff. Little Miss Pecksavers then tells me she now has to see me do this TWO MORE TIMES before she is happy for me to leave with my trial pair! Luckily the next two times go much smoother and I am released into the wild spectacle free!

Getting behind the wheel of a car was weird, but the strangest thing of all was the breeze. My eyes could feel the air. My eyes were no longer hidden behind a lens, they were free and it took some getting used to.
Once you get the hang of inserting them and removing them wearing contacts is amazing. Once they have been inserted, it really feels natural and it is so easy to forget you’re wearing them at all. It isn’t all plain sailing and on the odd occasion you get the feeling you have something in your eye….you have, but once you blink a couple of times, the lens gets back into position and you’re good to go.

After my trial finished, I have taking the (Quite expensive) leap into contact wearing. So if you’ve met me before and you plan on meeting me in the future, the next time you see me, there will be less things blocking my face…Sorry.
So now my kids (Who understood that daddy had poorly eyes which meant he couldn’t see properly) think that I have invisible glasses. I think that’s kind of cool compared to the actual truth. 🙂 Have you tried contacts? What did you tell your kids?


    1. If your jabbing, you’re doing it wrong. lol
      You get used to it and of course you only have to do it twice a day. Once to out them in and once to take them out.
      Was great today as I could wear sunglasses!

      Thanks for the comment.

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