Best Fathers Day Ever.

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Sunday’s are difficult in our house when it comes to doing things as a family as The Mrs has to work.
That means that when it comes to the weekend we have to make the best of Saturday as it’s the one day a week we are together as a family.
This is more of an issue when it comes to Mothers Day or Fathers Day as this always ends on a Sunday.

Sunday 19th June 2016 is Fathers Day in the UK and just like any other Sunday the wife will be hard at work.
When she asked me what I wanted for Fathers Day I didn’t really have an answer. What I wanted it turns out was a family day where we had fun and spent time together.

It started off this morning the second we got out of bed. The boys had been on a spending mission the night before to buy daddy some presents. Unfortunately they couldn’t contain their excitement and the moment I walked out of my bedroom door, presents were thrust in my direction.
I got a giant Toblerone , a mug and a Paw Patrol character. Isn’t a Paw Patrol toy really what every dad wants?


After a quick trip into town for a family hair cut we went to do one of my favourite things….bowling (review coming soon) and then a takeaway from my fave pizza place for tea. (That’s dinner for those not from up north)….oh and maybe a doughnut for desert.

Of course, there is only one way to end a like this and that’s reading bedtime stories. Done.

People often make a point of saying that it doesn’t mean anything when you celebrate something for just one day and you should give all year round and when it comes to Fathers day it sometimes feels like I celebrate it every day.

I’ve had five Fathers Days so far but today (even though it technically isn’t Fathers Day) might just be the best one ever.

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