World book day.

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Today is one of those days that some people without small kids hate. Social media are filled with pictures of everyone’s kids stood (mostly in front of a door or fireplace), posing in a costume mum/dad/grandparents have made or bought that represents that child’s favourite story or at least the story for which a costume could be found at short notice!

Having kids dressed up in costumes frustrates some people and they believe it creates a divide between this that have and those that have not. Those that have, have access to the money or resources to make or buy a great costume. Those that do not have..Don’t.
At a young age money and class and all that other stuff isn’t important and some believe that having ‘dress up days’ like world book day puts that divide on front street for all to see and the kids to notice.

The school that the boys go to have tried to combat that (possibly not on purpose) by asking kids to instead of dressing up as their favourite story or book but to create a hat that does the same. I think this is a great idea to help eliminate the possibility of that divide.

As you can see we went for one of our favourites, ‘Stickman’ by Julia Donaldson.
We bought a Stickman activity book that featured lots of stickers and the boys loved sticking them down. We also cut out lots of pictures from the book and they stuck them on themselves.
All me or mum did was shape the hat! and of course any cutting that needed doing by a grown up.


For the record, I have no clue what face BB is trying to make, he has the ability to look like he is smiling normally when you take the picture and then when you look back at it, he looks…well…..see above. And yes, LB is wearing a hat on top of a hat. This isn’t some multi-hat wool/card hybrid we’ve invented, it’s actually because somebody* made the had too big for his little head so they wooly hat helps it from simply sliding down his face and essentially blinding him.


They boys wore their hats as soon as they got to school and BB’s class had a big parade for everybody to show off their hats.

What did you child dress up as for World Book Day? Anything unique? Let me know in the comments below.

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