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There was uproar recently all because of the below letter. The letter was sent to parents of children on behalf of the school and caused quite a stir.

exhibit A.
A letter from Skerne Park Primary School in Darlington about parents wearing pyjamas to pick up their children from school. See Ross Parry Copy RPYPJ A headteacher has written to parents asking them to stop wearing PYJAMAS on the school run. Head Kate Chisholm has written to parents and carers of kids at Skerne Park Primary School in Darlington, County Durham, saying she has: noticed an increasing tendency for parents to escort children while still wearing their pyjamas and, on occasion, even slippers. The teacher requests that parents take the time to dress appropriately in day wear which is suitable for the weather conditions.which is suitable for the weather conditions.

When I first read about this letter and saw the various comments and statuses it seems people were fairly split on the contents of the letter.
I was really surprised.
I expected the majority of the comments to support my initial reaction which was, why would parents go to school in pyjamas?
Why would people go outside in their pyjamas? Surely they would have more respect for themselves?

Instead of people thinking the same as I did, people were defending the parents.

“But they are dressed, just not up to her standards.
What business is it of hers how another adult dresses, as long as naughty bits aren’t hanging out?”

Then today I went to pick BB up in a hoody and track suit bottoms. These are items of clothing that I would normally laze around the house in. The type of clothing I wear once I am up and about on a morning, before showering and dressing and putting my usual black jeans and a black shirt on. The closest thing I have to pyjamas.

So, am I just as bad as the mums and presumably dads that were doing the morning school run in their PJs? Should I have had more respect for myself? Whats the difference between what they are doing and what I’m doing.
Needless to say I won’t be doing it again anytime soon…..unless I can’t be arsed getting dressed. 🙂

But…parents evening? WTF?

So, who is in the right here, The parents? After all why is it important what they wear?
Or the head teacher, who thinks they should lead by example?



  1. The parents at our school seem to treat the school run as some sort of fashion show. If I do it I’m normally just in jeans and a top. I see nothing wrong with hoody and track suit bottom.

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