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BB was 17 months old when LB was born. That meant that when the wife was in hospital I would bring BB to the hospital to see his mummy and new baby brother. On one occasion while arriving at the hospital BB needed his nappy changing. Knowing the state of the gents toilet  I knew there was no suitable place to change him there. Luckily near the entrance to the hospital was the area in where mothers-to-ben go for scans and I thought that would be a place where changing facilities were in abundance and they were!!!…if you were female.

When I approached the counter I didn’t ask IF there was somewhere suitable for a dad to change his childs nappy, I asked WHERE it was because surely a hospital would have such a facility. I was wrong. I ended up using the women’s toilet as I simply had no other choice.

Can you imagine asking a woman to go use the gents to change her daughters nappy? it simply wouldn’t happen. I shouldn’t have to knock on a door and check the coast was clear before entering a room to change my childs nappy. I shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable and apologise every time a woman entered the toilet and then explaining why a man is in there before they call security.

I’m a big boy and I got over it, I spoke to the receptionist who advised me she would pass on my comments but I’m pretty sure she’d forgotten all about it by the time I was 50 yds from the desk. That was in 2012.

Cut to 2016 and sadly this attitude is still common place. Al from The Dad Network recently released this video where he was advised there wasn’t a facility for him to change his son in at least 4 major UK retail stores and restaurants. That’s crazy.
There is criticism galore when a dad doesn’t do his share and rightly so, so when a dad is trying to change his baby, why is the facility not there? There is always people shouting for equality but there still seems to be unequality in parenting.

So Al is trying to make a change and as you can imagine I’m right behind him. The #Dadsforchange campaign is to try to commend those places that are getting it right and having a place for everyone to change a nappy and to encourage those who are getting it wrong to make a change so the facility is there for all. Check out the video below.

The Dad Network have  created a space for people to share and find the dad friendly change facilities in the UK.

It’s simple. Upload the details of the dad friendly (or unfriendly) facilities. That will then be plotted onto our nationwide map.

The map can be used to see the dad friendly facilities near you.

We feel that it’s important to name and shame those establishments that haven’t joined the 21st century and still think that dads don’t change nappies. If we want to see a genuine change in our towns & cities, businesses have to realise that dads have babies too.

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  1. What a fab idea. When my son was at the nappy changing phase it was a nightmare sometimes. One time I was having a bit of lunch with him and because there was nowhere to change him I nipped out to the car to change him on the back seat. A member of staff stood watching me from the door to make sure I didn’t make a bolt for it without paying the bill.

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