To bunk or not to bunk.

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As parents you have many big decisions to make when it comes to what is best for your kids.
Are their toys fun yet educational?
Will having a dummy damage their teeth?
Is the school you choose going to be right for them?
The list is endless, but the latest decision we are faced with is regarding that important subject of sleeep…should we but bunk beds.

Here’s the situation.
Boys share a room. This was down to the desire for them to share as we think it would be fun and it allowed us to use one room as an office space.
BB currently sleeps in a full size single, LB sleeps in a cot bed.
LB is now at the point where he is getting too big for the cot bed.
We CAN fit two full size singles in their room but it leaves not much room for anything other than a couple of wardrobes, or we could create more space and buy bunk beds.

The first problem with bunk beds is that many advertise as having a recommend age of 6 and over. BB is 4.5.
Another problem is the risk that it doesn’t work we would be wasting money. (I’m a Yorkshireman, I don’t like spending money never mind wasting money!).

Let’s deal with the first issue.
BB is only 4.5 but we feel that he is mature enough to realise he is high and not to be silly in the top bunk. We are concerned about the ladders. On most bunk beds the ladders are flat and could be awkward climbing up and down when sleepy in the middle of the night. There are ways around this. which leads to our second issue.
There are bunk beds with better suited steps but with that comes increase cost.
Like this one for example.

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This is a standard height but the steps are deep and arch away from the bed itself making them easier to climb. This bed, with mattresses comes to a cost of £350+. A lot of money if it doesn’t work out

Then we have the most expensive (our favourite) at a whopping cost (including mattresses) of around £1000 these have steps at the side of the bed. Physical steps, no ladder. This of course is the best way to avoid issues but does come with a hefty price tag.

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Or we could go with this. It’s a basic bunk bed with a flat ladder but at a cost of less than £200 it’s a cheap alternative making the financial gamble smaller.

Image from

BUT, despite all the above, the safety of our kids is paramount so we obviously don’t want to buy anything that could cause either of them harm.

So in true catch 22 style, do we spend a fortune on beds we think may be more suitable with the risk of the boys not liking bunk beds or do we have a trial of sorts with a cheap option and then if that goes well, save up for the more expensive better option.

Being a parent is hard sometimes.

Have you used bunk beds for your kids?
Have you or anyone you know used bunk beds for under 5’s?
Are we being terrible parents for using beds designed for older kids?
Could somebody lend me £1000?

Any help or opinion would be gratefully received. unless of course it’s to tell u we are terrible parents for even thinking about this, then keep that to yourself. I have my own doubts about my parenting I don’t need yours too! 🙂

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. When we bought a 2 bed house the kids had no choice but to share ( for some reason the eldest didn’t want to sleep on the couch!) but the room wasn’t big enough for two beds. Our hand was kind of forced to get bunk beds and it worked out perfectly, except for one thing: I had to put the flat pack up and the thought of the top bunk coming crashing down and squashing my son haunted me every night. Every creak, every strain, every groan of the wood I took as a sign of impending collapse, but it never happened. Turns out it was fine and my worries were for nothing. We went for a middle of the road set from mattress man in white for about £300 that can separate into single beds, but the moment we were able to put them back into separate beds we took it. Good luck with your choice.

  2. When we had to make this decision we spent a few weeks browsing preloved and ebay. That way we found a good sturdy set of bunk beds for a fraction of the cost. If it didn’t work out we didn’t waste too much money. Most people won’t mind you checking them out first to be sure they are in good condition.

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