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On day 2 of my Blogmas posts I talked about us giving the kids a Christmas box that included some Christmassy things to start the festive period. One thing, well actually a collection of things have been missing until today….Christmas decorations.

We’ve gone pretty low–key this year. We have the tree, we have some wall stickers and enough Christmas cuddly toys to start our own version of the Generation Game!

Decoration day (As I have just christened it) is one of the most stressful but one of the most enjoyable days in December. While the kids are loving making a mess and throwing decorations here and there, me and The Mrs are trying to decorate with some sort of organisation. I have a minor OCD kind of thing where things need to be a certain way, which isn’t good with 2 kids under 5! 🙂

The boxes came out of the loft, Christmas music was slapped on the TV and I think at some point I was wearing a Santa hat that was far too small for me. All in the spirit of Christmas of course.

The kids were actually pretty good, they helped mummy put up the tree while daddy did some wall stickers. They placed all the baubles on very carefully and even helped with the lights. After a small ‘I can make it bounce’ incident that bent it slightly, the star was fixed and place upon the top of the tree.

Theres a lot of things I don’t like about Christmas but I do like the house decorated and the happiness it brings the kids.

Here are some photos of the day…


Do you decorate the house and tree a family affair? Do you do it all when they are in bed?…Let me know in the comments below.

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