Now thats what I call Christmas.

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Don’t worry, this isn’t a post about those albums that they churn out every year with the tag line of BEST CHRISTMAS ALBUM EVER!..Even though it’s 90% the same songs as last year. Todays post which is Day 2 of Blogmas is about when exactly do we call it Christmas.

If we go by most of the shops on the high street shops, Christmas begins about July time, but for the rest of us it starts much closer to it actually being Christmas.
At DWBHQ we don’t consider it Christmas until 1st of December and even then we don’t go too crazy.

We started a cool little tradition (Amongst others), in fact I think we have done it even before Sam arrived. On the 1st of December we give the boys a Christmas box.And Yes the dog may have got involved.


Included in this years Christmas box:
– A Christmas themed snow globe decoration (We have this every year)
– A pair of Christmas pyjamas (matching of course)
– 4 or 5 books all Christmas themed of course. Who knew dinosaurs pulled Santa’s  sleigh before reindeer!
– A Christmas jumper.
– Our Mickey Mouse Christmas Advent calendar which we use every year.
– Some cuddly friends to help welcome Santa with.
and probably other stuff I have missed out!



The Christmas boxes are out and on Saturday we decorate our tree and our the rest of the house, then its countdown to Christmas with LB’s birthday in the middle of the month…Looks like it’s going to be a busy one!

So when do YOU start celebrating Christmas?
Do you hang your decorations after you’ve finished your easter eggs?
Do you leave it until the last-minute to stick the star on a tree?
What Christmas traditions do you have on your house? Comment below or even better send me a picture on Twitter or Facebook!

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