I have two children!

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OK, I know that this may not come as a shock to you dear reader but I have two children! Let me explain.

When you have a baby and someone asks if you have a child your reply will normally be “yes, we have a ‘x’ month old baby.”
Then they grow bigger and they get refered to as a toddler. You go to play gyms and the prices are different for babies and toddlers.
Then they turn three and you can’t deny it anymore, you have a child.

Becoming a child is a major step in one’s life. They remain a child from the age of three till (in most people’s eyes) they reach the adult age of 18.

Well from today my baby, toddler, will now be refered to only as ‘child’.

Three years ago today we were making our way to the hospital, bag in hand looking forward to meeting a our second little boy. With our first the whole experience was pretty quick and straightforward and although we knew it wasn’t guaranteed there was no reason to think with LB would be different. Well it turns out from that day until this one, his third birthday, he would be very different from his bigger brother.

His personality is different, his hair colour is different, his development was different but one thing that is the same as his big brother is he makes his mum and dad very proud everyday.
Lets hope he doesn’t become ‘Threenager‘ like his brother! 🙂

Now if he could stop growing now, that would be great as the older he gets, the older we feel!

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