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SO, you probably haven’t noticed but I haven’t blogged for some time. Mostly that’s because I just don’t feel I have had the time.
Since starting my new job back in OCtober I have been having early nights and early mornings and just not had the umph to sit down, open this here blog and type away.

On more than one occasion I have thought about just simply calling it a day with dadwhoblogs and shutting it down completely but for some reason I just can’t let go.
I’ve put over 4 years into my blogging and although if I am honest my stats and exposure are those of someone whose been doing it for 4 days, but as I have rattled on about before, I don’t do this for the stats or exposure…bloody good job isn’t it!

So as I won’t let mmy little corner of the web go to the information super highway in the sky I am going to do the complete opposite. I’m going to attempt…read that again slowly ATTEMPT to take part in something I have seen thrown around social media called ‘Blogmas’

Basically, Blogmas involves writing a blog everyday during the month of December in the lead up to Christmas. That’s right. I’m going from nothing blogging for a month (and a bit more) to blogging everyday for a month…what could possibly go wrong. Each post has to be Christmas related and at least 1 post a day.

So here is post one….about blogmas. Post one…Im still on track!

So if you have anything you think I could blog about then let me know in the comments below and of course it’s never too late to start blogging for Blogmas.


  1. You should blog about xmassy things the boys get upto. School plays,santa visits,should it snow then playing in said snow….

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