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Traditions take a long time to make. Doing things once or twice a tradition does not make.
Last year I wrote a post about our Christmas traditions and it’s been great looking back and seeing the same things being repeated this year.

The Christmas box I have mentioned before made an appearance (Including the doggy).
The Christmas Pyjamas
The Christmas decorations
The Christmas music
All seems to be part of the ingredients to the DWB Christmas traditions.

Here’s the highlights from last years post:
Everyday is an advent day.
We have not one, not two but THREE advent calendars this year. We have two typical ones that we bought from the shops but then we have a special advent calendar that we use every year (Another tradition I suppose). it was given to us by my sister-in-law and its a great. We just place chocolates in each draw, one for each boy of course and try to get the kids to find the correct number!

Meeting Santa. Still to do!!
We started this last year but then it consisted of both kids looking st Santa very strangely. This year they were both very excited. We go visit Santa when he is visiting our local market. He’s a great Santa, looks the part, sounds the part and is great talking to the kids. I see some Santa’s and they just wouldn’t cut it! lol

Family time.
Another tradition we have had even before kids entered our lives is spending Christmas with family. For who knows how long our Christmas days have started with going to my in-laws, having a Bacon sandwich (One of their family Christmas traditions). I then go to the crematorium to pay my respects (Or as I like to think of it…go see my parents) then back to the in-laws, to open pressies, eat stupid amounts of food, fall asleep in the afternoon and then eat some more!

I have always been a bit of a bah humbug kinda person. Christmas has never been the happiest time of year for me growing up but as I get older and even more so since having children I am slowly getting into the spirit of Christmas….still don’t own a Christmas Jumper though!

What are your Christmas traditions?

Whats the strangest tradition you have heard of at Christmas time?

Let me know in the comments below!
As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. Christmas jumper definitely, pajamas for my son (that came from my wife, never had it before I met her). Mince pie testing which lasts the whole of December (my fault).

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