361 days

361 days

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361 days. Nearly a year but not quite.
361 days is the number of days I was unemployed. 361 days ago I finished working for a company I had joined only 6 month earlier when I took a gamble and took a job I had hoped would lead to new skills, new experiences and some long-awaited job security…Boy was I wrong! It lead to unhappy days and me being unemployed. (Word of advice don’t take a short contract on the word of a recruitment company!)

I have worked for more years than I havent. Starting with a saturday job working in the superstore of my beloved Leeds United, to being offered temp work for 3 weeks in a large travel company, to that then lasting 3 months, to then that leading to a permanent full-time job, I have since then never been unemployed…Until 361 days ago.

Losing my job was hard. It was hard mentally and it took me some time to come round to the idea that I didn’t have a job and wasn’t contributing to the household, financially at least. We were lucky. The company my wife worked part-time for, offered her full-time hours. That meant we had food on the table and a roof over our head.
Not contributing made me feel worthless and useless. Some people think those without a job just can’t be bothered working. Those people couldn’t be more wrong. Sometimes those not working are trying their best to get a job and it isn’t as easy as you’d think.

Over the past 361 days I have applied for over 150 jobs. That was me being selective. Selective to the point where I applied for jobs I thought I would find interesting or jobs I thought I had a chance of getting and even some jobs I knew I didn’t have a chance of getting but sounded cool!
Why not just apply for everything? Frankly I didn’t want to DO just anything and even if I did I probably couldn’t. Take for example the suggestion I heard a lot was. “Why not get a job in McDonald’s, at least it’s a job, right?” Yes it’s a job. Do I want to work in McDonald’s? No. Would I get a job in McDonald’s? No.
With a CV full of office and IT experience many employers would simply feel I would be over qualified. In fact on one occasion I was told by one employer that although they thought I was perfect for the job, they didn’t want to offer me the job as they felt that they wouldn’t have been able to ensure I could progress in the role and  (No matter how hard I tried to convince them otherwise) that I would simply leave in 6 months as the job wouldn’t have been challenging enough. Crazy, right!

So 361 days ago I became unemployed and today I became employed. Is it the job I dreamed about doing when I left school? No. Is it going to make me rich? No. Is it doing something I will enjoy? I think so and of course it means I contribute to the household once again.
Today was day one. A day filled with form filling, company videos and procedures and on Monday the training starts.
Today was a day I felt like I wasn’t quite as useless as I felt. I knew that I wasn’t completely useless as I was at home with my boys and today I missed them alot, but I know that me working, makes for a better home for them.

Lets hope in 361 days I’m still employed! Taking a gamble doesn’t always work out!

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    1. Thanks and thanks for the comment.
      We were OK with one wage, but there’s always the little things you want and can’t have and hopefully a bit more pocket money will help.

  1. Good luck and that fact that you think that you will enjoy it is so important, worth more than money mate. Wishing you all the best with it. Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky

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