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Well it’s been a looooong 7 weeks but now it’s over it seems to have gone by in a flash!

Today BB went back to school, and this time its full-time! I have a child in full-time education!!! That still warps my brain a little bit.

Luckily there’s been no tears, no nerves, in fact he wanted to stay all day last term!
The uniform’s the same, the school is the same but this term brings new challenges for him to overcome. He has a new teacher. He is going to have to eat school lunches which might actually be the biggest challenge of them all but as usual with BB, he took it all in his stride. Except for the journey to school, he actually skipped/ran most of the way!

As usual at this time of the year Facebook is full of pictures of boys and girls all on their first day of school. I also saw some people complaining about it, obviously forgetting that Facebook is a way to catch up with whats going on in your friend’s life not just game requests and silly cat videos, although them cat videos do make me chuckle!
Some mums and dads saw their little ones go to school and shed a tear, but when I saw BB walk confidently into his new classroom I was excited not sad. He’s been looking forward to this day since early this year. There was even one day last term that he forgot he only went half day!
I went to collect him as I did every morning at 11:30 and stood with the other parents. A teacher came out to open the gate and we all filed in ready for our boys and girls to come streaming out, surprisingly BB didn’t appear. After a few moments and awkward looks from his teacher, BB appeard…with a big slice of pizza in his hand.
It seems that when they were doing the headcount for those that were staying for lunch, BB joined the queue and went with everybody else for lunch! He seemed very happy with himself though.

I’m excited for all the new things he will learn, all the friends he might make and all the new experiences he will go through. It’s easy to wish away the years, but I look forward to him telling me all about what he had learnt at school and showing me the homework that I will no doubt have to convince him to do!

The only thing I am a little bit sad about is that LB won’t have his big brother around as much. That makes me sad. selfishly it also makes me a little happy. Safe in the knowledge that BB is having fun at school, I can spend some time just me and LB.

So there we have it. We have a child in full-time education and he loves it. I’m sure that excitement won’t last forever and one day I’ll have to convince him to go but until then I’m gonna enjoy listening to him talk about going to big school!

Oh and here’s that all important ‘First Day’ Picture! lol

Did you have tears when your little one started school full-time?
How did it affect the relationships between the kids?

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Hey dude, great to read your post about those rare days when a child has the first day back after summer holidays. Mine missed it this year due us to being cheeky and flying to Mallorca.

    1. We have a holiday booked in November but then after this year, they start the whole fine thing. Although it’s still cheaper than the extra cost of going in the school holidays!
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. I remember my eldests first day like yesterday, he waved me off and it was me with the tears. Last week he started secondary school, thats how fast its all going!!! Ahhhh!! Your LO will have so much fun!! #brilliantblogposts

    1. Sorry for taking so logn to reply to your post…time does fly!
      He is loving it so far, although he seems t eat nothing but potatoes for lunch! lol
      Thanks for the comment

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