Potty Training is cancelled!

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Ah… the joys of potty training!

LB is Two-and-a-half. As with a lot of little brothers I’m sure, he looks up to BB and often follows his lead. For some time now he has shown interest in using the potty/toilet. For a long time we have had the potty available but when asked if he wanted to use the potty he always said no…until recently.

Recently he decided he wanted to give it a go. Not just the potty, but the toilet as well. He kept telling us he was a big boy and that he wanted to wear big boy pants. We told him that to be a big boy he would need to use the potty/toilet.
We tried using positive reinforcement giving stickers when he used the potty and that seemed to be doing the job..for a couple of days, then he started only using the potty when we prompted him too and not when he actually wanted to go.

We started with taking a big leap and going nappy free. It didn’t go well. By 10am we were on pair of pants number THREE and it didn’t seem to bother him. We had hoped that the feeling of wee on his skin would make him realise he was doing it and act as a deterrent…it didn’t work. So we switched to pull ups.
This time we prompted him. Asking constantly if he needed a wee. I think this annoyed him as much as it annoyed us and quite frankly after a day or two it became clear that although he was recognising he wanted to wee, he still either needed prompting or went his nappy.

When it came to the other end, it seemed nothing we do has made it clear that he should either A) Do his business in the potty/toilet or B) If he does it in his nappy, he needs to tell us.
It’s the latter he has problems with.
No matter how badly how how full his nappy is he simply refuses to tell us he’s filled his nappy. We’ve made sure that the act of doing a poo is not treated with negativity, but the act of not telling us is.
Even when it is clear to us he needs changing and we call him over and ask him point blank he still says no.

So after a whole week of trying and getting nowhere we..actually I have decided it’s not the right time and potty training is cancelled.
I know a rule of parenting is you should never g back. Make a decision and stick to it, but in this case I’m not sure it would have made a difference.
I also hoped that stopping would encourage him. Sounds weird but I thought maybe he would realise he wasn’t being asked anymore and still want to “Be a big boy”. It seems however, he doesn’t want to be a big boy….yet.

If he asks to use the potty which is still available to him, or asks to use the toilet then he can, we won’t push him because to me that could be worse than going backwards.

Did anybody else have this when they started potty training?
The kid thought they were ready but the parent disagreed?
Tell me I’m not crazy.
Tell me it will all be ok.

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. It will be fine, my youngest took longer to potty train than my eldest.
    Have you thought about praising the eldest when he uses they toilet, I sometimes found the youngest wanted to be like her big sister so would do things like she did.

    It will happen though dont feel bad for stopping it will happen when he’s ready

  2. Potty training is so tricky. I waited until my boys were around 3yrs old each to train them & it only took a couple of days. I tried & failed in training my daughter when she was 27mos old. She wasn’t ready – I was swayed by other people’s opinions & called it off after 2 days of pee just falling out of her, all over the house. She was totally clueless. I’ve thought about trying again but decided to wait until she’s around the 3-year-old mark & put in ear plugs to keep the opinions out 😉

    1. BB was around his 3rd birthday and he picked it up in no time.
      LB is 3 in Decemeber so may try again around then.
      Opinions are great but remember they are opinions, not facts. Nobody knows your kids like you.
      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Don’t worry, he’s still wee (pun intended!). O has only just become toilet trained and he’s 4 next month! I think some kids just take longer and they aren’t bothered about the wee on their skin, they would prefer to just keep doing whatever they are currently doing. Don’t push it, but let him use the toilet when he wants to, he’ll get there in his own time! 🙂

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