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I have been on many weight loss journeys over the years. I’ve done all sorts of diets from ‘Pig2Twig’ (Low-Carb) to simple calorie counting.
With low-carb it was really hard. You’re really restricted to what you can eat. Going from a guy who ate everything with bread, cutting that out was a real shock to the body. It worked though and I did lose a stone. The problem with this and a lot of other diets is once you stop eating the way your diet dictates you should, the pounds pile on pretty quickly.

The best diet we have found works for us is Slimming World. Don’t get me wrong, following any healthy diet is hard but with slimming world you can eat pretty much what you want as long as you ‘Syn’ your food and restrict how many Syns you have.
Let me know if you want to know more about how Slimming World works and I’ll do a follow up post.

One difference I am making this time is I have joined a gym. it’s not the first time I have joined a gym, but hopefully this time will be different.
Something I’ve been asked is why join a gym? Why pay to go to a gym when you have parks and roads you could use for free? The difference is as a fat guy I don’t feel like I am under a microscope when at the gym.

When I have exercised before, whether it be walking or running (Although I think I have blocked that out of my memory! lol) I have tried to do it under the cover of darkness, worn plenty of layers and tried not to be noticed. Why? Because when the world sees a fat man running down the road he’s noticed. He’s judged. Some people look at him and laugh. Some people look at him and feel sorry for him. Some people just see it for what it is…a man trying to get fit.

At a gym it just feels different. Everybody there is trying to achieve the same thing. Man or woman, they are there to be the best they can be. Some are there to get bigger muscles. Some are there to lose some weight, some are there to get fit, some are there to keep fit, bit because of this nobody really notices you.
I’m not daft, obviously people notice a guy as fat as I am waddling through the place but they don’t care. I’m guessing a lot of people at any gym are conscious of their own appearance too much to care about someone else’s.

It’s because of this I feel comfortable. Nobody judges me. They see a guy, trying to better himself for the same reasons they are there.

If you’re a fat guy debating joining a gym, the message is simple…DO IT. The gym has become a place I can go and disappear. I stick my headphones on, turn up the heavy metal and push myself as far as I can.

I joined Pure Gym. It’s no frills and no contract so if for any reason I don’t want to go anymore I can cancel. One less pressure of feeling guilty because I am paying for gym I don’t want to use because when your trying to better yourself you have enough pressure on your shoulders.

FYI, this post isn’t sponsored by either slimming world or Puregym, these are just the tools I am using to be fitter and a better me.

If you have any questions or even stories of your weight loss journeys let me know in the comments. Always adds to the motivation!

As always, thanks for reading.


    1. Thanks for the comment.
      I don’t go too crazy. For me, anything is better than nothing as long as I work up a sweat I feel I have worked out.


  1. Dude there you go again saying. Things I’m thinking.
    I am hugely self conscious about how I look and with heading to the gym this morning worrying over what other will be thinking about me as I walk in. You have made me think in a different way. Your right we are all there for a similar reason and all in our own little zones.
    Will let you know how I get on well!

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