We’ve got ourselves a Threenager!

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Only yesterday I was talking to someone about our kids and how much I am aware of how blessed we are. We have two healthy boys and until recently, neither has been any trouble.

Of course they are not perfect. They do naughty things. Do things you’ve told them off for 3’875 times, but all in all they are very good kids.

When you have a baby you are always told to prepare for the ‘Terrible Twos’  stage in a toddlers life where a switch is flicked and they become a right royal pain the bum. We never had those.
BB hit three years old and we thought we’d got away with it. LB is 2.5 and so far is as good as we could ask for but recently only weeks away from his fourth birthday…BB has turned into a Threenager!

He pouts when he can’t have what he wants. His manners have been forgotten like a bad dream. Last week had two..TWO proper paddies! I’m talking screaming, kicking his feet, more screaming.
We dont have a naughty step, we normally just tell them to sit on the living room chair “Properly” (Feet hanging over the edge, not laying down ect). We normally do this for three minutes. I ask him how old he is and then tell him to sit for that long in silence. hard for a three-year old!
So as kids do, BB did something naughty, He was asked to stop doing whatever it was..he continued. He was asked again…he continued……He was now told…he continued, so a ‘timeout’ was given.

Well he screamed a high pitch scream so high even the dog covered her ears. He wriggled and kicked his legs.
For better or worse I decided to ignore his actions and only speak to him when his little episode had passed. That, it seems angered him even more!! The screaming got worse, to the point he was leaning towards me screaming as if to say LOOK AT ME!!!

It lasted about 5 minutes and he eventually gave in.

Add to that the fact that he can’t stop touching himself means we must have a fully fledged threenager. Never mind a piggy bank, if I had £1 for every time I have had to tell him to stop playing with his ‘Tail’ I would be able buy some restraints so he would actually stopped doing it….even LB has started doing it and he’s still in nappies!!
Even while I write this post he is sat next to me doing it. He then hugged my arm and I realised he was rubbing himself against me!
I need a shower!
He’s a little young for it, but we might need to buy him this..

Did you’re kids (or you depending how you look at it) suffer from the phenomenon that is a Threenager?
What did you do?
How did you deal with the paddies?
Is it legal to restrain a child?

Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. We considered duct tape for about half a second, but your suit looks like an excellent idea. Good luck with getting them to wear it though. Thank you for a laugh! #brilliantblogposts

  2. We’re in a similar situation but at the age of your youngest. 2.5 year old Tilly has been testing boundaries for a fair while now. Her speech is good, which avoids much frustration, but the weirdest of things can set her off (such as when setting the Gro Clock for night time both her and teddy have to be watching the whole transition animation or there’s hell to pay! She’s currently pushing a lot of limits too – emptying the ball pit of balls, standing precariously on the couch and plenty besides. We’ve not yet put in place a time out system as it’s not been enough of a problem to warrant it, but there are times when I’m thinking we might need to. I like the sound of your couch-based time out – I might give that a try as opposed to a naughty step.

  3. I blocked out the first time round and now I’m nearing it with my second! Eek! Thanks for linking up to #briliantblogposts, please can you add my badge or link back, thanks!

  4. Oh boy. Been there, done that and am about to back there again with our third child. It’s a tough age but for us four was much worse with our first. We had a term for it that started with F but it did get better so I’m sure it will pass. #brilliantblogpost

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