We have a four year old!

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You ever had something happen and you were never quite sure how it happened?

I mean I know HOW it happened….I was there, but this morning we woke up as parents of a four-year old…a FOUR year old!!!

I can remember the moment that BB was born so vividly in my mind it’s like a clip from a movie that I’ve seen hundreds of times…yet I only saw it once.

I can remember the pure joy I felt that I had just become a father, the feeling of pride I had towards my wife for doing such an amazing job, the tears streaming down my face and the look on the nurses face when I nearly chopped her finger instead of the chord.

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailAll those feel like they were yesterday but they weren’t…they were FOUR years a go!

I am so proud of the little boy who BB has become. As with all four-year olds (He’s four don’t ya know) he isn’t perfect but he’s pretty damn close.

I’ve never done one of those ‘letters to my son’ type of posts and I doubt by the time he becomes old enough to read this blog it will even be online anymore, it will probably have been deleted to make room for yet another social network, but if he did ever read it I’d want to say this…

BB, I love you. You changed my life in so many amazing ways and as I sit here typing this and watch you playing with your birthday presents I still feel that love and joy that I felt four years ago. You are the best son and best big brother to LB we could have ever hoped for and I know that you will continue to make us proud as you get older and finally…..get your hands out of your pants! Jeez!

Happy birthday little man

As always, thanks for reading.


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