Our first sports day

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As kids get older the phenomenon of ‘Firsts’ are few and far between. What was once a momentous occasion that we snapped in a badly shot photograph are now simply every day events.

This week we did however have another first…our first sports day.

Now you would thing a nurserys sports day would be a friendly low-key affair, but you’d be wrong. Tensions were high, nerves were fraught and competition was fierce.

Our first event was the age-old ‘Bean bag on a bat race’. Now before I continue I must admit the term ‘Race’ is a very loose adjective, it was more like ‘Bean bag on a bat while you run around in circles’ but I tell ya, the circles were big!

Secondly was ‘Ball in a bucket’. Now pay attention as the rules are complicated. Each competitor has to throw the bal….in a bucket. make sense? BB did really well at this and was making me very proud (as always) until I realised he was stood about 2 feet in front of the line and was pretty much just dropping the ball into the basket…but at least he was taking part…..yey!

Thirdly was ‘Kicking a ball into a net’. Again like before, the rules are complicated but I can’t be bothered explaining this one aswell so you’ll have to just work it out!
It was a pretty low-key event where I was simply happy BB didn’t embarrass himself by picking the ball up instead of kicking it.

Next was a refreshment break. All athletes need to ensure they are rested and well hydrated between events….the biscuits (not shared with spectators) were great for extra energy!

Next was bowling. I used to be an avid bowler even representing my city when I was a kid so if there’s was any question if my skills were passed down its now been answered with an emphatic no. unfortunately he must have felt some degree of sympathy towards those pins as he (assuming on purpose) missed the majority of them.

The penultimate event was the beloved ‘Sack race’. I don’t think they explained the rules of this very well or more likely BB wasnt listening (After all the conversation didn’t include the words Thomas or Grandad) as he proceeded to jump on the spot….after what felt like an eternity he began to inch forward. The teacher chanted, the crowd went wild…BB simply hopped at his own pace.

Lastly was everyone’s favourite event, the egg and spoon race. It was only right that this was the last event as the term race was used equally as loosely. Most kids either held onto it with both hands stopping any eggs from falling or they just ran around dropping eggs all over the joint! I do wanna know where they got fried egg bean bags from though.

Our last port of call was more refreshments, biscuits (Still not shared..not a very good example to set the kids) and the awards ceremony. Of course just like the Hot Chocolate hit, everyone was a winner and walked away with a certificate and a medal.

The worse news of the day was there was no dad or mum race. Where as I know I wasn’t looking forward to taking part in such event if it was scheduled, I’m pretty sure I saw The Mrs stretching and flexing in preparation for a sprint. She said she just had a bit of cramp but the headband tells me otherwise.

So there we are, another first in the bag. We did realise however that as with this year, nursery and reception will do sports day together which means next year, both BB and LB will be taking part. if wrestling is added as an event I think I’ll give a slight advantage to LB…they will be well-practiced by then!

Does your kid excel at sports day?
Do you instil some sort of competition in them?
Are you worse than them?

As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. This looks awesome! I don’t reckon J will be very sporty himself so I think our sports days could be eventful! I didn’t even know the parent races were a thing, I hope they get rid of it by the time I’m to attend such events! X

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