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Why, when I ask my child to do something he responds with “Why”

Why do I answer my kid when he asks me why 345,985,876 times a day?

Why does my kid ask me 345,985,876 questions a day?

Why can’t I just ignore his questions?

Why can’t I just tell him nothing?


Why do I have to try to educate him on something he doesn’t need to know?

Why is he asking me questions about stuff he doesn’t even know about?

Why won’t he just accept my answers instead of continuing to ask why?

Why instead of just doing as I ask of him does my child ask why?

Why can’t he just tidy the puzzle pieces back in the box before pulling out more toys?


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Why can’t my kid do the puzzle he has just poured all over the floor before getting another one out?

Why can’t he tell me he has a dirty nappy?

Why when I tell him he needs to tell me when he has a dirty nappy, he simply responds with “Why”?

Why, when I explain why he needs to tell me has a dirty nappy, he still asks why?

Why do even bother explaining why he needs to tell me he has a dirty nappy?

Why Can’t I just ignore the questions?

Why have I written this post?



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  1. Ah, the dreaded ‘why’. I’ve heard about this but with Tilly being a bit younger than yours we have lots of whats and is only testing the water with why.
    I can live with what. “What’s this” – they don’t know and want to know. Fine, even if it’s something they patently do know.
    “What are you doing” – our current fave, does have an air of criticism about it but again is inquisitive.
    “Why” – in most cases seems to be questioning your authority and sanity most like. It sounds like a maddening phase and I fear we’ll be joining you there shortly.

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