Project 365: Week 23 roundup

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Apologies for the delay in getting this post out. It appears Firefox may have come to its senses and is now stopping me from posting! Now I’m having to use internet explorer an I feel like I’ve gone back in time. Sad thing is I’m more Doc Brown than Marty McFly!

Speaking of the past…here’s week 23 on my Project 365

Monday 01st June 2015: Bogged down blogging.
For those naive people who think being at home al day means it makes it easier to blog has never tried to type with two small children sat on you…not next to you, they must sit ON YOU!

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  Tuesday 02nd June 2015: Stuck on you. We have a cupboard door full of stickers BB has gotten from school. Rewarded for such things as drinking is milk, eating fruit, goo writing. LB walks in and gets a sticker for his very cheerful “Good Morning”.

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Wednesday 03rd June 2015: Friendly fish.
This is Flounder from my little mermaid, but what it was really an olive branch. I worked with a girl who wasn’t a big fan of children, but gave him to BB when he came into see me at work. He’s still loved and she has probably forgotten all about it.

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  Thursday 04th June 2015: Cool Kid. I am now at an age in life where I have to wear a hat when in the sun otherwise a certain ‘bald’ part of my head gets burnt. LB as just testing it out and insisted on wearing it sideways….which I ALMOST never do!

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Friday 05th June 2015: LB my little butler.
Speaking of insistence, for no reason at all LB insisted on carrying my jacket for me. Bearing in mind it’s the size of a 4 man tent, that aint no easy feat for such little hands….If it keeps’em happy!

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  Saturday 06th June 2015: A very comfy blanket. This is no ordinary blanket. This is Grandmas blanket. That makes it the comfiest blanket IN THE WORLD!! I know already that BB likes this blanket, but just to make sure I knew, he used my phone to take 25 photographs, just like this one. Thanks LB, I get it!

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Sunday 07th June 2015: Sleepy Boy.
After falling asleep in the car, the best way sometimes to wake LB up is to stand him up. Today it didn’t work as hoped. Instead he crawled into the house and laid back down in he doorway, like you do.

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Well, there we have it. We are in June and nearly half way through the year and half way through Project 365.

As always, thanks for reading and if you want to check out other (Probably better) project 365’s then check out the linky below.

As Jerry Springer used to say…Take care of yourselves, and each other.

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