Project 365: Week 22 roundup

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I have been so rubbish this week…but it was school half term so I am going to use that as an excuse.
I still managed to collect a photo everyday so here goes week 22 of my Project 365!

Monday 25th June 2015: Steam Team.
As with a lot of 3 year olds BB is a little bit crazy about Thomas the tank engine. Luckily for him, his grandad is crazy for collecting things…I reckon there is only 4 duplicates in this collection. Top is our house, bottom is grandads…. Just a few!

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Tuesday 26th May 2015: Tuesday Chores. BB insisted on telling me if his bedding was dry, I knew that it wasn’t but he insisted on checking it himself. No I just need to teach him to wash it himself!

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Wednesday 27th May 2015: A picture with Peppa…Nearly.
Wednesday the wife was off work and took the boys to a Peppa pig party at a friends playgym. LB had a lovely photo with Peppa…this unfortunatley was the closest BB would get!

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Thursday 28th May 2015: LB Scissorhands.
BB has recently started doing cutting and sticking at school soo we bought are own and tried to give it a go. It didn’t exactly go smoothly but we will ‘Stick’ with it……See what I did there?

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Friday 29th May 2015: Bowled over.
Little known fact about DWB, I used to be a decent bowler even representing my city. That was long ago and now I can barely manage a turkey! This week the boys had their first taste of the lanes!

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Saturday 30th May 2015: Green Fingers. Neither myself or the wife are gardeners but we still have a little lawn in our front garden and it wont cut itself! Plus the boys like to help me. I saw the strimmer laid down while I had a rest and I was so jealous I took a picture! 🙂

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Sunday 31st May 2015: Baby Shower.
My FABULOUS (Incase she’s reading) sister-in-law is joining the world of parenting in less than 10 weeks and on Sunday Mrs DWB threw her a baby shower. My wife not only has impeccable taste in husbands she’s also pretty talented and made this awesome nappy cake!

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Another week done and next week will hold the first photos from June! JUNE!! Jeez im getting old quick!
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As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. what???? your grass dont cut itself? I would send it back for a refund, it should do…lol
    Funny how the little one will go near Peppa but the big one wont.
    Wow at Granddads collection, good save there granddad.
    Husbands… mean you wife has more than one of them……Well done on the nappy cake Mrs DWB

  2. That’s an amazing Thomas collection – I’m going to make sure the geekson doesn’t peer over my shoulder or he’ll be very jealous!

    You wife has brilliant cake-making skills – that’s a very impressive nappy cake 🙂

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