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This is a public service announcement:
While the whole DWB family recently returned from a very nice holiday, it appears my focus refused to come back.

I’ve checked both suitcases, both trunkies (They have to have one each, Obvs) and no matter how much I try….I think my focus is still on holiday!

I can’t seem to do anything with any sort of completion. Everything I start I either finish half arsed or I get distracted by something else.
I sat down to write this blog post about an hour ago, but since then I’ve read the news that Chris Pine and Zachery Quinto have signed on for more Star Trek movies, Watched a trailer for a horror film by Eli Roth, a trailer for a Sci Fi move starring Matt Damon (Always said in a stupid voice. Thanks Team America), read about the fact the latest Terminator movie has been panned by critics, watched a video of Arnold Schwarzenegger laughing and Mark Wahlberg shooting arrows at Jimmy Fallon……..

But only now am I actually typing anything!

I call myself the Prince of Procrastination!

I have ideas for blog posts (lucky you) but can’t find the focus to actually sit and write them.

I have a book to finish reading but can’t read long enough to actually finish it.

Last weekend was Britmums weekend and as I was sunning myself in hotter climates I couldn’t attend. I remember last year coming away from Britmums and feeling motivated and focussed about blogging and I think it lasted at least a couple of weeks before I settled back into my crappiness.

So I ask you dear reader. Tell me your thoughts and pass onto me your knowledge. Tell me in the comments!

If and when I find my focus how do I ensure I don’t lose it again? How do I stop my focus simply wandering off and getting lost? My focus is only little so I don’t want it being lead astray!

And of course if you’ve seen my focus, could you please point it in the direction of home. I imagine my focus staggering around like a drunk, staggering and slumped against a wall just looking for any help it can to get home.

And focus, if your reading this, just know that I love you very much. Your not in trouble, I just want you to come home and be safe. We are here ready with open arms to welcome you back.

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. This sucks!!! I get it though. Some times I have 100s of posts that I could write and I get so much done!! Then it goes and I have to check that I am still a blogger. Britmums was fab but I’ve come away with so much information that I have no idea where to start! It bombarded me to losing a bit of my mono. Maybe yours and my focus have vacated somewhere together?

    Either way I hope you get it back.

    Side point: as prince of procrastination, do you have a crown?

    Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope, fingers crossed, to see you there this week

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