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I was extremely excited recently to be invited to become part of the Netflix Stream Team. Basically it involves me receiving Netflix for a year in exchange for helping promote the latest and greatest on Netflix, part of which I already do over at NewOnNetflix.

One of the most recent editions to the Netflix catalogue is DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge.

“From the creators of How to Train Your Dragon comes an all-new Netflix original series that takes Hiccup and Toothless to the edge of adventure!
In ‘Race to the Edge’, Hiccup and Toothless lead the Dragon Riders as they soar beyond the borders of Berk and discover the mysterious ‘Dragon Eye’ – an ancient artifact filled with secrets that will lead them to new lands filled with undiscovered dragons”

We were challenged to train our own dragon.
I didn’t want to just teach him exciting stuff, so I thought I would train him to do some household jobs…so I don’t have to!

He learned to…Cut the grass.

…Do some ironing.

…hang out the washing. 

When his jobs were done he decided to have some fun. He went to…

…Drive a boat

..Have his dinner (Who knew dragons liked fish fingers?)

  …Check his balance (See what I did there?)

…Take his friends for a ride. (FYI your neighbours WILL look at you strange when taking pictures of dragons in your driveway!)

So if you had a dragon for the day…what would you train him to do?

As for the show, the kids have never seen the films but they actually quite liked the show and loved the fact they could play with the dragon that they were seeeing on screen. Needless to say the show has been added to our favourites.

If you have any questions about the new show or anything on Netlix, let me know.

As always, thanks for reading.


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  1. Mini-MaFt has been watching this series and really enjoying it. All 3 of us at MaFt-Towers really like the films too. You should definitely check them out; although I think the 2nd one was much better than the 1st (which makes a change).

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