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As you may have seen recently me and MrsDWB celebrated 10 years of marriage. When you’ve been together that long we must be doing something right.

The question is sometimes asked, What is love?

Is love buying expensive gifts?
Is love telling somebody you love them?
Is love a physical thing?

Wanna know what love is? Well I don’t know (sorry for the click bait) but I can tell you what I think it is..

I think love is always thinking about somebody, always wondering what he/she is doing.
I think love is always thinking about how something you do or say can affect the happiness of somebody else.
I think love is leaving a little bit of Ben & Jerrys ice cream for your husband because  you know he wants to try it, even though you want to eat it so badly. Your husband didn’t ask you to save it, but you did. That’s what I think love is.

It tastes better than it looks.

When you’re together this long it’s hard to keep things fresh and often show each other that you still love each other.

You try to make the effort as often as possible, but sometimes time passes quicker than you realise and you go far too long without saying or showing the other person you love them. It doesn’t mean you love them any less it just means you need to remember to show it more often.

This was one of those days that MrsDWB showed me just how much she loved me. It wasn’t a gift she bought me, it wasn’t a note she left me. It wasn’t even something she said to me. I am pretty sure she was supposed to tell me she had done it but it’s all the sweeter that she did it and didn’t tell me.

So she saved me a little ice cream? So what?

Firstly do you know how many women would happily share Ben & Jerrys ice cream?
Secondly, do you know how many would be able to stop themselves from eating that last bit to save it for somebody else?
Even if those weren’t good reasons, the fact is I know she would have wanted to eat the lot and I didn’t ask her to save me any but she did because she knew I’d want some. She didn’t even tell me she’d done it, I just found this little bit left in the freezer for me.

Unless of course she saved it for herself because she couldn’t eat anymore in which case ignore everything you’ve just read! 🙂

Sometimes its the little things that mean the most. It doesn’t have to be a partner, it could be a family member. When was the last time you showed them you loved them?

Incase anybody wondered it was Karamel Sutra and it didn’t come with a free book!

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  1. That’s lovely 🙂 I think when you have been together a while it really is the small thoughtful things that count. It sounds silly by my husband always charges my electric toothbrush for me if he notices it’s running low and just does little things like that which shows that he thinks about me. But Ben and Jerrys that’s true love x #brillblogposts

    1. Awe, it’s lovely how he charges the toothbrush…unless of course you have terrible breath and he just wants to makes sure its working…but I’m sure it’s all about the love! lol
      Thanks for the comment

  2. Aw! That’s proper romance.
    I had a rush of love today for my husband when I came out to see that he had reversed the car into the drive so that I could drive straight out without hassle. He knows I’m crap at driving. Proper romance.
    Plus he filles the car up with petrol so I wouldn’t have to stop to get it.
    It beats a diamond in my book!

    1. Ya see, thats what love is about! I’m sorry I didnt see your comment sooner but I am glad I did!
      Glad to see that he’s looking after you and I hope you look after him too!
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Aaaah, this is such a lovely post. You and Mrs DWB are very lucky to have each other. Congratulations on your relationship. Cherish it and nourish it. xx

  4. Happy Anniversary. As a man completely and madly in love I enjoyed this post and it got me thinking of what love means to me and to us. Jen always shares the last anything we eat and i think its cute! Especially if its a water biscuit with a nice glass of wine. *wishes for tonight to come quickly

    1. I know 10 years!!! and if you knew my wife you’d really appriciate how long that is! lol
      Thanks for the comment

  5. I totally agree with this. Congratulations by the way. Ten years is a real achievement! We just celebrated 16 years. We always get each other a card but not much else. It’s the little things. My hubby coming home from the filling the car up at the garage with a Turkish delight for me is one 🙂

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